I’m a NEET but when I went to Hello Work I got taken to another world – Volume 1 Chapter 18

Volume 1 Chapter 18 – After defeating it you’ll get to eat something delicious

Everyone gathers around the dead dragon. Looking at it up close once again, it’s huge. These people have done well defeating it in close quarter combat.

“Well done, Masaru!”
“Incredible, Masaru!”
“Elizabeth did a good job too.”

All the gathered people welcomed us two.

“Fufufun. It’s thanks to the strategy I thought of!”

Elizabeth is getting cocky. Although, in the first place if her self-proclaimed strongest magic hadn’t failed, we might not had to endure such hardship? Certainly, it was a strong magic though. I’m not the one to talk either when my first attack ended up missing.

In my opinion the most valuable player was the tank. Didn’t he withstood face to face the dragon’s attacks 3 times? He isn’t half-assed. Looking for the tank, there he is. He was patting the corpse of dragon. I don’t know his face because of the full body armor, but since he’s standing and moving he’s okay? However, the shield on his left hand is deformed and his armor is pitch black with soot.

“Excuse me, are your wounds okay?”
“Yea, I drank a potion and I can use healing magic a little bit, I healed myself to walking condition. I wonder if I could do one more battle if told to?”

No no! Don’t force yourself!

“I have magic power to spare, I’ll use healing magic.”
“Oh, is that so? Please. Honestly it’s still difficult to even stand.”

As expected, he’s feigning being okay? [Heal], [Heal], [Heal] with this much will it be enough? While I’m at it I use Cleanup too and clean the armor. With the soot removed I could see the armor is dented and worn-out here and there.

“Ohhh, I got a good deal better. Thank you for cleaning my armor too.”

You’re telling me he didn’t completely recover?! [Heal], [Heal], [Heal], Hurriedly an additional 3 were used.

“Yeah, I’m alright now. Thank you. As expected, it’s nice having a healer.”
“Even I would do the same if I had magic power remaining.”

Watching the state of the medical treatment, Elizabeth said to me while pouting.

“There’s no helping it since Elizabeth carried me while using Fly. As for me, look, I only shot once and didn’t use too much Magic Power.”

Why am I saying what look like excuses? Despite giving medical treatment to Elizabeth’s comrade. I’m a bit unconvinced.

“That’s right! It’s thanks to me that we defeated the dragon!”

Immediately Elizabeth got in good spirits. So simple.

“Any additional injured people, I’ll heal them.”

Looks like if I stay beside Elizabeth like that, I’ll stepping on another landmine.

There were several injured people, but not as severely as the tank, so their medical treatment was done quickly. It’s miraculous that nobody died. That last breath attack, would we have survived if we received it directly? Perhaps even if we didn’t die from the breath, we’d have lost consciousness and died with fall.

“Instructor, I’ve heard it can’t use its breath consecutively, however that last one…”
“Uh-huh, I see. Probably, it was quite forcefully using it. I feel that breath was fairly weak. Moreover, I didn’t use, not even once, after that. There’s the possibility that it was from the fall’s damage though.”

I see. As a final desperation act? I’m glad I didn’t die! This late I came to understand how I barely survived and started shaking.

“And then, this dragon. It might be a superior kind.
“Undoubtedly so! There’s no way it would still stand after eating my Mega Thunder!”

In regards to thunder type magic, due to electric shock it also has a paralysis effect. For a short time by all rights, it certainly did stop its movement or so.

“Speaking of superior kind?”

“Literally, the kind that’s in a higher order than a common dragon. Stronger, more intelligent and cunning. Although it’s not like I have fought with that many dragons.”

“That’s right. There’s the possibility. We shouldn’t had this much trouble for one this size.”

The leader from Dawn’s Battleaxe said that. I forgot his name. I’m sure he had the nickname Fresh Blood. I can’t memorize 20 names all at once anyways. Let’s ask Elizabeth later the name of the tank.

“We must have the guild examine it once we return. Masaru, can you transport it?”

Yeah, with a nod I stow the dragon. No matter how big it only takes one slot. As ever, it’s a cheat. I wonder, if I can carry something this size, can a house fit in? What about a large tree around that size? Store. Won’t work? Could it be because it has roots growing in the ground? Looks like a house is impossible. As expected the cheat won’t work to that extent. While I was testing storing things in items, Elizabeth was staring this way. What is it? Did she get in a bad mood again?

“It’s still unfair. Come on, how do you do that? Don’t be stingy and teach me too!.”

Unh. Does it give an uncomfortable feeling looking at it as main job wizard? I must smoothly deceive her here.

“Weren’t you practicing steadily?”
“Ugh. I was already doing it! But give me some kind of hint!”
“Umm, although I have said it before, I did it ordinarily and it’s not like I was doing anything in particular. Is that kind of talent? Like being cut out for certain things?
“I wonder if I’m not suited for spatial magic?”

Even if you told me that…

“Look, I can’t use a terrific Thunder like Elizabeth can. That was amazing! It was my first time seeing something like that. Instead I’m the one who would want to be taught wind magic of such level.”

“Uh, r-really? If you’re begging me like that, it’s fine if I taught it to you.”

I was trying to say it not seriously, but as ever she’s still so simple. Somehow I was swept into learning wing magic, but oh well. I’m in the middle of practicing Water anyways, if I can also learn Wind like this, next would be Earth for completion!

“Certainly, please! Teacher Elizabeth. No, master!”
“Fine. I’ll teach you plenty! I’m very strict!”
“Yes, master!”

Elizabeth is in a good mood. She is smiling. My mood improved too. That I’ll be taught various things by a beauty. Moreover, for free!
I think surely she wouldn’t use an approach like Angela using a knife. It was decided by impetus, but this was definitely a good chat! While talking with Elizabeth, the people from Wings of Twilight came along.

“We came back from looking the nest’s surroundings, however there was nothing.”
“I had hopes for some treasures.”

Seemingly, dragons do hoard treasures in their nests.
“It’s a barely started nest. Was it about to start collecting after this?”

I tried asking what kind of treasures.

“That is, lots of gold and silver coins and jewels. Because they love shiny things after all. Seems, when they’ve hoarded vast amounts, it’s enough to buy a country. Well, that’s disappointing.”

While returning to the camp I listen to Elizabeth fluently giving me lectures on Wind Magic. As might be expected from a professional wizard she showing me useful knowledge. However, getting closer to the camp she started to lose all energy. Her pace is a bit suspicious.

“Ahhh, you ran out of stamina. Today, you used a huge magic after all.”
Said the leader from Dawn’s Battleaxe who was walking behind us. The axe carrying Fresh Blood or whatever.

“Hey, Eli. Walk properly. Or shall I carry you?”
“It’s okay, Narnia…”

Despite saying she was okay, the female warrior suddenly was carrying Elizabeth on her arms and walking briskly. So her name was Narnia?

“You still have energy, heh. Elizabeth is always like this after using too much magic, you know?”
“I feel like that too when I exhaust my magic power. Like REALLY tired, right? Today, comparatively I have still have left.”
“Nevertheless, today thanks to Masaru we were quite saved. I give you my gratitudes.”
“It’s only because I hit it once with magic.”
“But thanks to that it fell to the ground and it was already reeling, right? We defeated it with easy.”
“If that didn’t work, what were you planning to do?”
“That is so. Each time it descended we’d somehow attack its wings till it dropped to the ground, I think.”
“Isn’t that a bit unreasonable?”

The tank would end up dead!

“Although, I don’t think we couldn’t beat it, probably some would have died. That’s why, thank you for today. We were all saved thanks to you.”
“But I just followed the strategy Elizabeth though of anyways.”
“Just get it clear we’re grateful.”

Well, I was risking my life, that’s for certain.

“By the way Masaru, you’re solo, aren’t you? Don’t you have any plans to join a party? Seems you’re friendly with those in Alipour though.”
“I have no plans in the meantime.”
“Then, what about ours? Looks like Elizabeth is pleased with you. We were just about to search for a wizard, you know?”

If I join Dawn’s Battleaxe how much remuneration would I earn? You’re a celebrity once you become B Rank. I’d be popular. Dawn’s leader made some emphasis on that. They said if they do several more big requests they might raise to A rank too.

But speaking of requests Dawn accepts, I’m sure they would be similar to today’s. I’d die while doing ones like that every time. Elizabeth plunged at the dragon without any hesitation, these people, don’t they value their own lives?

In any event, I think they should hold a policy where life is valued.

“I have a bit too much on my shoulders, I tell you. Today, I had a near death experience and I don’t want to do requests that are dangerous.”
“Is that so? Let us know whenever you change your mind. I think Masaru is very capable.”

Arriving at the camp, I was called by Lazard.

“Masaru, take out the dragon.”

What are you gonna do? While asking that I move to an open space and take out the dragon’s body.

“Of course it’s dragon steak! If you don’t do this after killing a dragon!”
“No no, For dragon meat, likewise, the stew is superb.”
“It’s the first time I’ll eat it, I’m looking forward to it.”

While they’re noisily saying that, a section of the dragon is cut off. Dragon steak? It was a staple of a certain game. I’m looking forward to it a bit. I wonder what it taste like?

“Even more than the taste, If you eat the meat from strong monsters, that strength will get into your body said a theory. Dragon meat is a top quality good.” was an explanation given by the instructor.

“I don’t know about real results, but there are a lot of people who believe in it.”

One should know looking at the Status. Let’s confirm it after eating.

They start the cooking and someone brought out the alcohol. The result of a heated argument that almost ended in a fist fight, looks like the dragon meat was made into both steak and stew. I believe we’re still inside the dangerous forest, but is it okay to go on a drinking bout?

“Because there was a dragon’s nest, there’s nothing noticeable near this place, is it? There was nothing even on this morning’s survey. Besides, Wings of Twilight went out to keep watch.”

There’s no problem if they’re let loose a little bit, said the instructor. Come to think of it, I don’t see Wings of Twilight. I see. The fight with the dragon they didn’t get a part in it, they are working now? In that case, I take out alcohol from Items to entertain. The instructor offers me some more too, but polite decline. We’re in the middle of a mission, I guess. Indeed.

I was seating watching the dragon steak being grilled. Big lumps of meat stuck in skewers were placed on the fire. At times, so they don’t burn their orientation is changed. The fat drips from the meat sizzling.

“I’m looking forward to this. For such things as eating dragon meat, I’m really glad I became an adventurer.” says Kreuk who is gazing at the grilling meat together with me.

“You don’t normally get to eat it?”

Since the size is close to a whale, a massive quantity of meat can come out of it, though.

“It’s impossible. The rich and nobles end up taking all of it, when it’s our turn nothing is left. Have you ever eaten it?”
“I haven’t.”

And something like a dragon is a fantasy creature that doesn’t exist in Japan.

“Don’t you agree? Chances like this are very rare.”

By all means, if I bring this back to Angela-chan as a present. Surely she’ll be delighted.

“This is also thanks to Masaru’s effort.

Besides us, Silver is grunting in agreement.

“You guys, at that time what were you doing?”

Casually, I tried to ask a question I had in my mind. After the dragon fell, I feel like I didn’t see them when everyone else was finishing it off.

“Eh, support…”

Kreuk says while averting his eyes.

I see. Frightened they weren’t able to rush in. I understand. I understand you.

“Masaru was really able to throw yourself at it.” says Silver. That’s not it. I was forcibly thrust into it. If I had been excused from it, I would been together with you guys shivering at the back.

“Elizabeth telling me to do it, I couldn’t run away from it, could I?”

I say it in a way to make it look a bit better. In reality, it was only because I was tied with a rope so that I couldn’t escape while I was being transported.

“Masaru is amazing. Although Lazard said sooner or later that’d become possible for us…”

I don’t think it’d become possible for me to rush against a dragon even after 10 years have passed.

“Would you be able eventually?”
“No, that might be impossible.”
“Impossible, no way.”

What a relief. Seems like my intuition wasn’t off after all. I don’t know what I’d hav done if all the adventurers raised here become similar to Lazard. I chatted with Kreuk and Silver while waiting and I was presented with the grilled meat that was cut up. I receive in the plate I had prepared. The meat juices were dripping and it smelled nice.

Some distance away Elizabeth also received meat. Were the two wizards served first because of their distinguished services? Looking at Elizabeth, she was eating it with a happy look on her face. It’s hard to believe that just a moment ago she was completely exhausted without any stamina left. As confirmation I look her take a bite. Eating foodstuff for the first time, that needs courage.

The taste of the dragon meat lightly seasoned with salt and some kind of spices spread in my mouth. I wonder if it tastes close to chicken meat? It’s soft and juicy, an overflowing savory taste, it’s a flavor I haven’t experienced before. Although I haven’t tried top quality Japanese free-range pedigree chicken or Kobe beef, could it be a similar impression?

“This looks delicious.”

Even if I say so myself, it’s a bit sad that I can only describe such a lousy impression.

“How should I say it? It feels like dragon meat.”
“You don’t sound surprised.” Kreuk retorts.
“Ermm, apart from a rich taste, it isn’t too greasy. And yet, a striking flavor spreads inside my mouth and it softly goes down my throat?

I tried saying something appropriate for a gourmet program and they somehow look satisfied with that.

“Ohhh, you guys wait a little bit. Since there’s plenty of meat.”

Just as Lazard said, meat is already sitting on the fire.

“Masaru, they say the stew is almost ready!”

Elizabeth called in a loud voice. Before I knew it she moved to the place where the stew is being made. Despite getting a nicely big piece, she already ate it up?

“Speaking of Elizabeth.”
“She’s cute once she takes off her hood.”

Silver agrees to Kreuk’s remark. I silently nod while I was stuffing my cheeks with dragon steak.

“Are you getting along with her?” says Kreuk while looking at me.
“She has fallen in love with me, eh?”
“Nah, there’s no way.”
“Nope, no way.”
“Did you just deny it right away, didn’t you?!”

My feelings were hurt a little.

“The truth is, I got her to teach me wind magic.”
“What?! How much did you pay her?!”
“No, and I didn’t pay anything.”
“Then, for free?”
“What’s that, you’re jealous?”

Speaking of, Angela took from me a sweet amount of money. Is it normal to take some money?

“It’s rare to get taught magic from an active B Rank.”

Although I easily got her to teach me because I flattered her irresponsibly.

“Hmm? For now I’ll go where the stew is and deepen my bonds with Elizabeth.”

I’d rather eat with a cute girl than some bastards, still the food is delicious nonetheless.”

“The meat isn’t grilled yet, do you want to go together?”

Although there’s enough quantity, adventurers have a considerable appetite, thus if one doesn’t perfectly wait for it to be grilled, one would end up missing a meal. While they’re hesitating I leave them and head where Elizabeth is. She was already eating the stew.

“Ah… Masaru… This too…! Is… delicious.”
“Yeah, I know. Don’t talk and eat properly.”

I take out my bowl and get stew served. Incidentally if one doesn’t prepare all their own tableware and if unlucky, one would end up holding it on their bare hands. Things like a saucepan, a party carries at least one and I’m sure this cauldron for the stew was supplied by Elizabeth.

“The stew came out good.”

The clearness of the dragon meat mixed in with some kind of vegetables, rather than being called a stew it looks more like a soup, but the stock came out pretty good and even just the broth is delicious. Of course the dragon meat cooked till soft is superb. I wonder if this with curry, no, if this was made into cutlets surely they’d be also delicious?

“Since one rarely gets to eat it, savor it while you can.”
“Have master eaten it before?”
“Of course. After all, we’ve defeated dragons several times before.”
“How many like the one today?”
“This one was a bit formidable, you know? Usually they’re easier ones.”

I hear they always settle it with a single magic attack, so this time it was a specially tough one they say.

“That’s why, that… Masaru was a big help.”

Saying that, Elizabeth abruptly looks away. Could her face reddening be because of the open-fire reflecting on it?

“Ah, yup.”

Just now, was she saying her thanks? Probably it is so, I want to think it is that. That evening I slept having fully enjoyed the steak, stew and alcohol. I looked at my Status, but dragon steak didn’t especially raise the stats.


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