I’m a NEET but when I went to Hello Work I got taken to another world – Volume 1 Chapter 21

Volume 1 Chapter 21 – Dragon subjugation reward

Next day at the guild. In a large room all members were assembled and first was the distribution of the loot. Drevin and Tilika-chan were also present to be witness to it. From Items I take out the spoils in order for verification. Given most of them were defeated by Twilight or Dawn, the orcs were what took some time. Referencing the guild cards, the allotment is being determined. I guess the distributed spoils steadily carried out are being liquidated into money.

Next is the discussion of the dragon’s share. Who had how much of an active role in it? What to do about the distribution must be decided. For now, the transportation portion had been settled at 10 percent and I played a role in the combat side, it’s okay to expect at least this.

To start with, concerning the fight with the dragon it is being talked about. The testimonies from several people are minutely being documented. Next is the discussion of the distribution based on those records. As expected the participation is me and Elizabeth, Dawn, Alipour and Hellvaughn, in that order. There’s a heated discussion about which portion and how much percentage. I just hide my presence and listen silently. It’s so tedious. Because it’s already adequate enough for me, should I simply leave without any care? I want to go search for a house. However, I can’t expect to tell that to the adventurers who are seriously arguing that and I only gaze at the discussion. Tilika-chan is on one side of the conference room and expressionless listening to the meeting. Meetings like this, it’s not good if they later end up in disagreement, thus truth officials are welcome. If a lie is told, it’ll be found out immediately, huh?

Finally it looks like a satisfactory outcome is reached for every person. Based on that, the remuneration is being calculated. First is the reward from the request, 200 Gold x 5 days, in total 1000 Gold. The 10% for the transportation of the baggage is 3,280 Gold. Concerning my participation in the dragon subjugation, the remuneration is 2000. The orc subjugation reward is 50 x 9 of them, so 450 Gold and 1200 from the raw materials. And then, at last the reward for the success in the dragon subjugations is 30,000. The total sum is 37,930 Gold. Moreover, at a later day the share of the dragon being sold will be added.

Even though I risked my own life, just hitting it with a single magic net me 30,000 Gold. I was pleased the reward was better than I thought and I’m of the impression at least this amount is appropriate.

If the dragon turned up at the town, it wouldn’t be limited to 10 or 20 casualties, would it? I can’t predict how much damage it would have caused to the buildings. It was fortunate that they decided to exterminate it beforehand. Compared to it the reward is rather cheap. If that dragon went wild somewhere, when it came to a price, the reward might have risen.

But even so, it is 37,930 Gold. My funds almost doubled. I receive the jingling coins, deposit them in Items and confirm the amount. 69,879 Gold. According to Kreuk the cost of a slave is around 40-50 thousand. I’ll be able to buy with money to spare! I can buy one!!  If I rent a house, it shouldn’t cost too much. I can also anticipate my cut from the sale of the dragon and soon one slave if not to say even two…

Asking the receptionist guy about real estate agents, he tells me I can get referrals from the Trade Guild. When I was heading there I was caught by Elizabeth.

“Hey, just wait a minute Masaru!”

She’s sharp sighted. She spotted me despite me using Stealth. By the way, since returning to the city I reacquired Ninja Walk. Because I felt insecure without it.

“Come with me if you have time to spare. It’s special magic training!”

It isn’t practice. It’s special training. For some reason it sounds ominous.

“I was planning to search for a house after this…”
“House? Are you buying? You’re renting, right? Fine. I’ll accompany you.”
“Is it alright if I go too, Masaru-dono?”

A girl was standing behind Elizabeth. I remember her when I see her face. She’s the female warrior from Dawn. If I’m not mistaken her name is Narnia. Because she was wearing casual clothes, for a moment I didn’t realize it was her. Shoulder length red hair in a wavy hairstyle. A tomboy-ish attire wearing trousers, but with the figure of a tall model with everything in the right places she’s very feminine. Carrying a sword on her waist, truly a fearless impression. Her face is also of a beauty that would appear in a western movie, surely she’d be popular with the women too. She’s the type that would be called ‘Onee-sama’ by them.

“Yea, I don’t mind.”

This is what they call a date, isn’t it? There’s no mistake, the time to be popular has arrived for me who has a history of not having a girlfriend for 11 years. Itoushin, thank you! Today, I have to write down my words of gratitude in the log.

At the neighboring trade guild I ask the location of a real estate agent. It’s relatively close. Leaving the guild, suddenly Elizabeth said:

“Masaru, your clothes are rather unfashionable.”

It has an extraordinary effect! My heart received a huge damage.

“Hey Narnia, don’t you think so?”

Elizabeth is seeking Narnia’s agreement. This girl and her habit of wearing a black robe, what a thing for her to say! Even in the middle of town she’s completely covered by it. She’s the most dodgy.

“Y-yes… That’s a little, cheap-looking is what I’m thinking.”

Narnia is replying while being troubled. The words chosen generally seems to be in agreement. Being told by the stylish Narnia, I felt like crying. Certainly these clothes are cheap. They’re the clothes I’ve been using since I bought them from a secondhand store after arriving here.

“If you go look for a house in that shabby appearance, they’ll make light of you! Let’s go buy clothes before that. You have plenty of money, don’t you?”
“That is, I have money, but. Isn’t Elizabeth the one in need of some clothes?”

I have never seen her dressed outside of her black robe.

“Do you have any complaints about my outfit?”
“Outfit, you only wear a black robe!”
“I’m wearing proper clothes underneath it.”

All of a sudden, Elizabeth opens the front of her robe. Is she an exhibitionist?! is what I thought, but inside there were normal clothes.  A white shirt and black skirt of seemingly good tailoring. Her breasts… are maybe A or B cup. When compared against Angela-chan’s they’re a bit lacking.

“How is it? I’m properly…? Wait a second! Where are you staring at?!”
“Eh? Ah, I wasn’t staring.”

Crap. Was it found out my eyes were instinctively fixed on her chest?

“… well, fine. Did you understand? The main point is. Because this robe is the traditional clothing of a wizard, ok?”
“People with such getup, I’ve never seen them in the city though.”

In reality, there are mage-like people dressed in robes, but I haven’t seen one of such dubious appearance.

“The wizard among the Hero’s comrades had this appearance. There’s no mistake since I saw it in the book’s illustrations!”

What illustrations! Cosplay? Is it cosplay?!

Still, seems Elizabeth has an extraordinary obsession with the black robe. But even without asking her, she recites the merits of the black robe. Like what is its price, its material properties, having magic its defense is good. Isn’t it fantastic?

“Yes, it’s fantastic. Eli”

Narnia, aren’t you spoiling her too much?…

I was taken along to the clothing store, I was made to try clothes while they kept saying ‘that one’ or ‘this one’. The tired me was made to wear a variety of clothes and purchasing them. Elizabeth looks to be satisfied.

“Yup, not bad, right? You look like a rich young master.”
“Yes. Well-matched to be said. It now feels refined.”

Because I selected them, of course! said Elizabeth. Being told by the black robe there isn’t the least bit of persuasiveness, but if Narnia says it then it might be so. It was an expenditure close to 500 Gold, but it’s a good feel when wearing it.

“Although I want to do something about the hair, but for now that’s enough. Alright, let’s go!”

Led by Elizabeth we get inside the real estate agent. If only we were going to look for my house, is what I was secretly thinking. But somehow I felt like I was the escort of an elderly noblewoman.

The real estate agent only had “Malt Company” written down on the signboard. Unlike a Japanese one, where property information was pasted all over the window, one couldn’t know what kind of establishment it is from its appearance.

“Well, well. What would you be looking for today?”

As soon as we enter the firm, we’re greeted by a gentleman in his 40’s.

“I’m the head clerk of Malt Company, my name is Bounce.”
“A house, looking to rent a house.” Elizabeth declares before I say it.
“Is that right? What kind of house are you looking for?”
“Right. A big one would be good. One with a wide garden.”

No, no, wait just a minute Elizabeth.

“No, it’s okay if isn’t that wide. Better a small one.”

Bounce, with rustling sounds he’s searching in his documents while giving fleeting glimpses here, and…

“What do you think of this one?”

Saying that, he presents it to Elizabeth. Even though she’s wearing such a black robe outfit, Elizabeth is the main person and I’m the attendant?…

We go look at the suggested property together. It’s huge. At a glance it’s a stately mansion. Somehow many rooms are painted. No matter how you look at it, it’s not a property you’d refer to someone living alone.

“Hmmm. The garden feels a bit small, but the residence isn’t bad, is it?”

Still, this is excessive.

“No, a smaller one please. I-I’m planning to live alone.”

I’m stressing that point.

The next he shows is a normal property. A detached house with a garden. A two-storied building, is this what they’d call a 3LDK? Seeming to be a property intended for a family it has a bath and the garden is wide. This isn’t too bad. [TL Note: For what a 3LDK means: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=3LDK ]

“This one is small!”

Elizabeth’s standards are strange. Without listening to what she has to say, we’re shown another property.

In addition to the two properties already shown, the choices are rising. Currently he’s shown us three. For the guiding a young guy followed.

“A larger house is better. Like that one, there’s not enough room for a party.” Elizabeth seems to be dissatisfied with the referred property. No, it’s because it’s not big enough for a party.

“Hey, I’ve been thinking, is Elizabeth perhaps the daughter from a well off family?”

I secretly tried asking Narnia.

Because she looks like those well off young ladies who are completely detached from material worries. From that thought, it might be a wealthy family.

“Yes, well… However now she’s merely an adventurer and Ojou-sama’s family affair is a bit…” [TL Note: Ojou-sama = daughter of a high-class family]
“No, I’m sorry. My prying was uncalled for.”

And she ended up calling her Ojou-sama, is this the impression of a daughter from a distinguished family and her escort?

Looking around the 3rd property, I chose the house shown after the stately mansion. The two-storied detached house 3LDK with a bathtub and garden. The monthly cost of 900 Gold is reasonable. In this other world for common people bathtubs are those in public baths. Houses that have them are few. There is a garden of reasonable size and it’s furnished, it can be inhabited immediately. The garden is full of weeds and the rooms require cleaning, though. The water well is shared, but it’s just nearby and since it’s also close to the inn I’m currently staying at, there won’t be problems eating out.

“Still you have money and it would be better if you chose a bigger house.”

Elizabeth is still saying that.

“I’ll be living alone. This is big enough.”

I and another person, assuming I employ a maid, it’s big enough. Besides, cut it out! I’m getting tired of running here and there looking at houses. In any case it’s a rental house, if I’m not pleased with it I can move to another. And as Elizabeth said, I have more than enough money. We return to the firm and sign the contract. The contract starts from tomorrow but there’s no problem if I use the house starting today, I’m told. I pay 3 month’s rent and receive the keys. It appears the security deposit and key money system doesn’t exist. I’ll be charged if I leave the house damaged or extremely dirty. I wonder what kind of countermeasures do they have against a moonlight flit?

Given that it’s near noon, we three take lunch in a restaurant.

“For the time being there’s a futon. Cleaning is all that’s left.”

Elizabeth averts her eyes when she hears cleaning. Looks like she doesn’t the intention to help with it.

“How about you hire someone? Why not submit a request for someone to do the chores at the guild?”

I see. There’s no need for me to do it. I have the feeling I was told the children at Angela-chan’s orphanage were looking for part-time jobs. Maybe I’ll ask. If it’s cleaning the house, it’ll be convenient.

“What are you gonna do after this? I’m going to an acquaintance’s place to ask for help cleaning, though.”
“I see. It isn’t time for magic practice, so I’m going home today.”
“Help cleani…”
“We have things to do!”

Seems they’re very reluctant. Like that, they quickly ran away. Narnia quickly bowed her head and waved her hand to bid farewell. I heard that Elizabeth’s bunch are having a week off. She split from her family, I’m sure she’ll come again. And just in case I already asked which inn she’s staying at.

I arrive at the orphanage, while being surrounded by the children I look for Angela. Seems like the daytime shift just ended. Being lead by the kids, soon I found Angela-chan.

“Oh? What’s the matter today?”
“Well, I have to ask a favor.”

Incidentally, I came to worship Angela-chan’s face. Today’s smiling face is lovely as always. Her breasts are big too.

“Aren’t you wearing some nice clothes? Yup, they suit you.”

Angela-chan immediately noticed I have changed my clothes and being praised. Even though she’s flattering me, I’m happy. Or, do they have a favorable reception by a woman, because they were chosen by a woman?

I know they’re expensive clothes, but I don’t know if they really suit me or not.

“Well, I rented a house…” I formally explain the circumstances.
“What, if it’s that much, we can help you for free.”
“No, that’s no good. The money, this time I received some nice reward. I want to properly pay them as part-timers.”
“That is so. Then how about this much…” she shows me the number.
“Isn’t it too cheap?”
“It’s child labor. This much is the market price.”
“I’ll give them this much.”
“Then, let’s give this amount to the children and the rest as contribution to the orphanage. It’s not very good to have them carry that kind of money.”

The child labor cost is really cheap. Looks like I can get them to work half a day for 5 Gold. That’s 500 yen, 500 yen! That’s children pocket money. No, it’s because they are children. I’ll employ ten of them to clean the rooms and weed the garden. Since they have the tools here, they carry them out. The payment is 5 Gold for each one plus 100 Gold for the orphanage.

Preparations done, I take along the children and head to my home.

“Just for living alone, you rented too big a house, huh?”

Angela-chan looking at my house makes that comment. Even so, it’s normal to think like that. Elizabeth is the odd one.

“Ah, yeah. I like it spacious. And it also has a bath included.”

I can’t honestly say that I really chose it with the intention to buy a slave and make her the maid.

“It’s nice it has a bath.”

Looks like she’s satisfied with that explanation. Entering the house Angela-chan briskly gives out instructions to the children and decides the work allotment. It’s decided I’ll weed the garden together with 3 kids. And then Angela will be responsible for the interior of the house.

I had the duty to weed the garden at my parent’s house and I’m familiar with it. Because I didn’t have tools I pulled them out bare handed. Is it the effect from the risen Stats? It’s clear my strength increased and with this amount I won’t get tired at all. I’m disposing of the weed at a pace more than twice that of the children. Nonetheless, the garden is spacious and it takes time. So as to not be unreasonable with the kids, while they rested I steadily continued with the work.

Around the time it turned into evening, the garden became clean and inside the house it was sparkling. It’s hard to believe that until a moment ago it was covered in dust. Good work. While looking at that, suddenly I realized if it wouldn’t have been better to use Cleanup magic. Although it’s fairly spacious, if it’s with my MP there are amounts to spare. Oh well, weeding the garden it would have been impossible with magic and watching the children be delighted from receiving the money, it’s alright thinking back upon it.

“Thank you. It became really clean, huh?”
“After all, they received proper payment. It’s okay if you ask us again any time.”
“Yeah. I’ll do. How about tea after this?”

Even if I say tea, there’s nothing but the magi tea I received from Angela-chan, though.

“We have to start preparing for dinner soon, so I’m going back today.”

I brought out the courage to try invite her, but it didn’t work?… Well anyway, today there are 10 children present after all.

“Come visit any time. You’ll be welcome.”

Angela-chan took the children back and I’m left alone in the house. It’s no good if I don’t buy a futon, but is there a store still open? The stores’ closing hours in this city are quite early. Will it be okay for tomorrow? It’s almost time for dinner after all, should I take it at the Dragon’s Breath Pavilion? I must tell the landlady I’ll be vacating the room anyways.

That day I slept wrapped in the sleeping bag on top of the bed. The inn’s thinly stuffed bedding was also hard, but directly sleeping on top of a wooden bed is very hard. Tomorrow, let’s go buy a soft and fluffy futon like the one I used at my parent’s house. I swear that in my mind.


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