Please read the About page or this FAQ before you ask anything.

Q1: When will the next chapter be out?
A: I translate when I feel like it and release when it’s done.

Q2: What’s your timezone?
A: GMT -6

Q3: Location
A: An Earth Invasion Fleet in orbital space.

Q4: Why do you translate X title and not the Y title I like?
A: Because I translate what I like, and choose my own projects.

Q5: Where are the LN illustrations?
A: You can find them in their corresponding chapter or on a separate tab, named Illustration.

Q6: I saw some mispelling / grammar errors in your translation, should I email them to you?
A: I’m fluent in English but not a native speaker, so errors might happen but I keep them to a minimum. Please, don’t email me, just leave them in the comments.

Q7: Do you need a translation checker, proofreader or editor?
A: No, I work alone for this site/project.

Q8: Can you translate or translation check for my project?
A: Most likely not, I have my plate full with this site and TL/TLC for some I already committed to.

Q9: Are you a Machine Translator?
A: Technically I’m not. I only use online or inline dictionaries, emphasis on dictionaries and not translators, for individual kanji or word meanings which at the end of the day I select the most appropiate one instead of whatever Google translate spews at you like many people do.

Q10: Are you a full pure bred translator?
A: Technically not, since I’m not completelly fluent in japanese and still lack a lot of kanji knowledge although I got most of the grammar and semantics knowledge right when I studied japanese.

Q11: What translation software do you use?
A: Again, I don’t use translation software per se, mainly dictionaries like Rikaichan add-on for Firefox or sites like wwwjdic or weblio. Sometimes I google names or the whole phrase if I need to find a reference or when it’s an idiom.

Q12: When and how did you learn Japanese?
A: Back in middle and high school I studied it for 3 years in a school recommended by the Japanese embassy where I live. All teachers were native Japanese and because they only spoke Japanese it was pretty close to immersion as you get. Because of school all those 3 years I only attended on saturdays for 3 hour classes, at the end I barely finished their basic level program. After that college and work came. The next time I came back to study I took a placement test and ended up in the middle of the basic program but decided to take their intensive course, daily 2 hour classes, finishing basic and intermediate program within 2 years. I attended advanced classes for a while but stopped because of lack of time, it was only available saturdays one 3 hour class and it boiled down to reading newspaper or magazine cut outs and ask the teacher question about anything we didn’t understand with some conversation thrown in. As for JLPT level, I have a level 3 and according to the teachers I should have enough knowledge to get a 2. For those that don’t know JLPT levels go from 5 for the lowest/basic level to 1 highest, technically fluent.

Q13: Is it easy to read translations on Google Translate or any other Machine Translator?
A: According to some people in some forums, they can get 99.9999999% accuracy with MT. But that’s BS, to someone that is fluent or has some knowledge of japanese, what these MT spew can be considered gibberish and most likely would get a headache trying to decipher it. It takes me less time and effort really translating using my own head with help from dictionaries for specific kanji/words than sorting through that shit. I’m not holding you back from trying and spending your time deciphering that gibberish, but wouldn’t that time be more productive if you took japanese lessons instead?

Q14: I’ve read ahead with the help of Google Translate and **** happens or **** should be like this. So, can you change this or that in your translated chapters?
A: I don’t read too far ahead when translating. But I don’t care what gibberish GT gave you, most of the time those using MT don’t understand japanese, take it at face value, get it wrong and many times they don’t even know the subtleties of translating or interpreting the meaning of some lines or even words or kanjis themselves. When I reach that point if I see there are any changes needed I’ll do them retroactively to previous chapters too.

Q15: Are you looking down at people using Machine Translation to read WN/LN?
A: If you do it for your own entertainment, fine by me. But please, don’t go up on your soap box professing that MT can achieve 99.9999999% translation accuracy and a proper translator is unnecessary, or that your google-fu and reading ahead half-assedly can get a better translation like if you were a pro.

Q16: Can I post your translation elsewhere?
A: I prefer you link to my page.

Q17: Will you post your translation on Baka-Tsuki?
A: No, I just prefer to work alone, but I don’t mind if you link it.

Q18: I want to translate, can you reserve a chapter for me?
A: Sorry, but I work alone here. But I can’t stop you from translate something yourself.

Q19: Will you provide PDF/EPUB/etc yourself? if not, can I make a PDF file of your translation?
A: No, but go ahead if you like.

Q20: Do you mind if I translate your translation into another language?
A: Three-way translations are not my cup of tea. I can’t stop you anyway, so go ahead, but please at least give due credit.

Q21: I believe there are references to other media, but I don’t see translation notes pointing them out. Why?
A: I try to make notes of references or trivia whenever I can. If it isn’t there and you know leave them in the comments.

Q22: I asked you a question in the comments, but you didn’t answer. Why?
A: Either I didn’t see it, your question is irrelevant or stupid or I don’t feel like it.

Q23: Do you need donations?
A: If you have money to throw at me, sure there’s a Donate Button.

Q24: Will you speed up translations if I donate?
A: Most likely not, but maybe if I get enough for delicious food I’ll be happy enough to speed it up a bit.

Q25: How can I thank you?
A: Leave a ‘Thank you’ comment and see Q23.

Q26: My question isn’t listed here, what should I do?
A: If it’s relevant I might answer it and add it to the FAQ


5 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Hey, I noticed in your “progress” section, you have an indicator for % complete OCR. Could you explain to me how you are doing your OCR? I want to try to read (and maybe eventually translate) some novels I picked up, but I don’t know a good way to generate the text from scans so that I can easily run the vocab through dictionaries and make vocab cards for Anki.


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