I’m a NEET but when I went to Hello Work I got taken to another world – Volume 1 Chapter 23

Volume 1 Chapter 23 – Not wearing panties.

Just as we leave the company, Sati falls flat on her face.

“A-Are you alright?”
“I’m always falling over. I’m okay.”

Because she’s falling over constantly, she has the Skill Sturdy? After walking for a bit she falls again.
After using [Heal], there’s no helping it, I grab her hand and pull her towards me. Since when was the last time I held hands with a girl? I’m a bit happy and embarrassed.

“Is Masaru-sama a healer?”
“That’s right. I can use healing magic, but I can also use others. I’m a wizard.”
“Wonderful. That’s because beastmen can’t use magic.”

With Magic Power stat of 3 that would be impossible.

En route to the house, we come close to a second hand clothes shop. I go buy suitable clothes for Sati. She bumps into a rack and almost knocks it down, so I make her stand near the entrance. Underwear as well? Just now it was a glimpse, but it looked like she wasn’t wearing panties. I catch a female salesperson and timidly try to ask.

“Excuse me… I’d want some underwear for that girl.”

I say it while pointing at Sati at the entrance and she immediately brought them. They are pumpkin pants? I receive around 5 pairs, I pay them together with the clothes. [TL Note: If you don’t know what pumpkin pants underwear look like: http://i.imgur.com/Z18exhP.jpg ]

I lead Sati and enter the house.

“This is my home. From today this is your home too.”

I have Sati sit on a chair. Now, I must examine the Menu. Looks like I can manage it. And it seems the Skills List is the same. Can’t Sati see it? I try opening and closing the Menu, but there’s no reaction from her. I have to review the Skills List…

“Excuse me.”
“Is there any work for me? I’ll do anything.”
“For the time being, there’s none. Stay sat there. Ah, I’m starting to get a bit hungry.”

I pull out 2 lunch boxes from Items and hand over one.

“Okay, here you go. You can eat it.”
“Thank you.”

While looking at the Skills List I eat the lunch box and noticed Sati wasn’t moving. She was holding the lunch box as is.

“What’s up? Aren’t you hungry?”
“No, because of the slave social standing, it’s unthinkable to be eating together with Masaru-sama. However you ordered me to sit here, I was thinking what to do.”
“It’s fine. Eat it here. In this house this is the only dining room. We’ll have the meals the two of us together. No, that’s not it. It’s alright to have your meals whenever and wherever you want to. Even in front of me or when I’m not present. However if I take out food for the two of us, we eat it together. On the same table. Go on, eat eat.”
“Yes. Understood.”

Sati starts to eat her lunch box. It’s delicious. While saying it’s tasty she greedily eating it.

“At the slave trader you didn’t get to eat much?”
“No. Two meals only, one in the morning and one in the evening. The food was bread and soup with no ingredients.
“That’s terrible!”
“No, when I was there I didn’t move much in that room, so it was enough. When I was in the village it was worse.”

What could be worse than two meals a day of only bread and soup with no ingredients? Could she have been chewing tree roots? Sati has already finished eating her lunch box. The little crumbs of food left in the lunch box, she was picking them with the spoon wanting to eat them too. I take out another lunch box and give it to her.

“Is it okay?”
“It’s alright, eat it. If it’s not enough then I’ll give you more.”

While I watch Sati start with her second lunch box, I review the Menu. As expected of a slave their loyalty can go either way. To start with, this system-like thing even if I ask Itoshin he wouldn’t answer about it. To ascertain, it looks like I’ll have to buy another slave, but first I must do something about Sati’s eyes.

[Eyesight Degradation]
Negative Bonus to Agility and Skill
Cuts down damage body receives. HP Recovery Up.

Due to Eyesight Degradation’s negative bonus, her Agility and Skill values are terrible. I wonder if Magic Eye couldn’t be used by her? Clairvoyance, to see the future? Nope, that’s not it. Agility UP and Skill UP would they also be meaningless? Mind’s eye.

[Mind’s Eye]
With the eye from the mind see all of the enemy’s attacks. Evasion Large Increase.

A bit different than I thought? Night Vision. Hawk Eyes.

[Hawk Eyes]
Positive Bonus to Eyesight.

This is it! This is exactly what I was seeking. And it cost 5 points, let’s try taking it.

Looks like she ate everything in the second lunch box. Because it appears it is still not enough, I give her two grilled rabbit meat skewers. She eats a lot. Won’t she get a tummy ache?

“Are you full?”
“Yes. But I could eat another lunch box.”

With all that, she’s not completely full? Even if you say the size of the takeout lunch boxes is small, she eats as much as an average adventurers. At this rate she’s gonna increase the Engel’s coefficient. I have to think about cooking for ourselves. [TL Note: Raising the coefficient in Engel’s Law means you’re poorer or using a higher percentage of your income in food. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Engel%27s_law

“You better endure it for the time being. It’s not very good for your body to eat too much. In the evening I’ll let you eat again.”
“Yes. It was delicious.”
“Then, I’ll give medical treatment to your eyes now.”
“With healing magic again?”
“That’s right. However, it’s a different one from before. Close your eyes.”

I open the Menu and acquire [Hawk Eyes]. Now then, I wonder how it is?
“Now you can open your eyes.”

Sati opens her big and beautiful eyes. For several seconds there was nothing, but suddenly she opens them wide.

“A… A… Ahhh”
“Close your eyes!”

When medical treatment is given to people’s eyes then they are accustomed little by little in a dark room if I remember correctly. I close the window to darken the room. Because they’re wooden windows if I close them they won’t let the light in, however it’s daytime and the light seeping through the gaps can be seen.

“Slowly take deep breaths. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out. Did you calm down?

Sati nods in agreement.

“While keeping your eyes closed, face down. Like that. Slowly open your eyes. Can you see your own hands?”
“I can see. I can see clearly!”
“Alright, then next try to slowly lift your face.”
“I can see. I can see Masaru-sama’s face! My eyes, are they healed?”
“That’s right. They’re healed.”

Strictly speaking Hawk Eyes is offsetting it, however explaining will be impossible and so let’s leave it at that.

“I, I… I’ve never been able to see with my eyes… never, uhhh”

Sati is overflowing with tears.

“Calm down. See, it’s alright now.”

I don’t know how it’s going to be alright, but for the time being I should tell her everything will be okay. I don’t know how to handle a crying girl.

“Uuuuuu…T-the mines… dying there they said, uwehhhhhh”

Was she this desperate? That bald guy, he shouldn’t threaten a girl like this.

“Ah, it’s going to be okay. You can always stay here. okay?”
“I, I… I was small, nothing… even at home… they always mad at me…, even after being sold… if nobody… bought me ever… that’s, that’s why… I’m glad…”

Sati, while sniffling and weeping, she told me bit by bit. Somehow, she suffered those hardships…

“Not only that… yet even, my eyes too… T-Thank… Thank you very much…”
“Yeah, yeah. I know. Look, you can eat this.”

Said that, I pull out a grilled wild rabbit meat skewer. Sati accepts it and while still sniffling and weeping, she is munching on it. It was a success feeding her. She seems to be gradually calming down.

“From now on, you’ll be able to work, play or do anything normally, right? Hey, what did you ever wish to do if your eyes were healed? Do you have anything you want to do?”

Sati stops eating then stares at me with an astonished look. Her face became soppy wet with tears.

“Yes, anything is fine.”

Lowering her line of sight towards the skewer left on her hand, Sati said:

“E-ermmm. I-I’ve always wanted… to cook, b-but, I was no good… even helping at home, because I’d ruin it they didn’t let me do it… And, and…”

Oh no, she cried again.

“I see, cooking is it?! Then, since it’ll be dinner I’ll let you help me immediately!”
“Y-yes. I’ll do my best. I’ll help you!”
“Look, there’s meat left, isn’t it? Finish eating it.”

While watching Sati eat the remaining, I think what to do. Even if I say cooking, she’s probably really inexperienced. What can a beginner do? I have a hunch it was cup noodles then? Ready in 3 minutes with boiling water. It’s good that it was simple. But here, there’s no cup noodles and the like. Ah, should I have her boil water? Let’s have her prepare tea. And it would be scary suddenly letting her use such things as knives.

“Then I think I’ll have you boil water for me. I want to drink tea.”

Let’s see, with this pot then only this small quantity of wood, they were left over from the previous resident. Although I can make water with magic, I think from now on it’ll be the water well. There’s no water jug or something. Will it be fine with this big pot? I’ll have Sati carry it. There are a lot of things that will need to be bought. The supplies are overwhelmingly insufficient.

“Can you carry it? Is it okay?”
“Yes. I can carry it!”
“Then, we’ll go draw water from the well. Follow me.”

As we were going outside, suddenly I realized. Sati’s clothing have remained unchanged since bringing her from the slave trader. She isn’t wearing panties. If she doesn’t get changed.

“Wait a second. Let’s change your clothes first. Look, didn’t we buy some at a clothing store while returning?”

I make Sati leave the big pot while I take out and spread the clothes and underwear on the desk. Is this fine? I turn over and give her the one piece kind of dress I chose and the underwear.


Sati was already utterly stark naked. After staring fixedly at her for an instant, I gathered myself, looked away and handed her the clothes. As expected she really wasn’t wearing panties.

“Hey, wear these. Also, it’s wrong for a girl to be undressing in front of people.”
“Yes. But only Masaru-sama is here.”

Sati says while she’s putting on the clothes she received. Since it’s only a one piece dress and underwear she soon finished dressing.

“It’s wrong even if I’m present. Isn’t it embarrassing?”
“E-errr… I, because I’m small and thin, you don’t like me? But that, I heard that men would be delighted if I’m seen naked…”

Sati is tearing up again. Who was it, who taught her that information?

“No no, you don’t need to show me.”
“That is so. There’s no way you could want to look at someone like me naked, right?…”
“No, wait a second. That’s not it, I want to look.”

No no, it’s not that I want to look. Yet, I want to look. What should I say?

“That, it’s that. Children take off their clothes in front of people, don’t they? However, adults don’t undress in front of people, do they? In the case of adults, they don’t undress except for like going to take a bath or in front of the person they like! When one becomes an adult, one doesn’t show oneself naked.”
“Well. Since I like Masaru-sama, is it okay for me to get naked?”

Why she start liking me from the first day?! The progression is too fast. Damn, I must think. Now is the time to mobilize all the knowledge I have acquired from anime and manga! If I tell her I’d look, seems like she’ll immediately take of her clothes. If I tell her I don’t want to look, she’ll surely cry. Despite telling her I’d like to see, I’ll prevent her from undressing!

“I’d like to see Sati naked. Ah, ah, you don’t need to show me. That’s. You don’t need to be naked until I tell you to. Excepting when I tell you I want to look, make sure only take off your clothes somewhere no one else will see.”

Sati has a somewhat sorrowful face.

“No, I want to look. When that’s the case I’ll have you show me plenty! Hey, for now it’s cooking, isn’t it? We got to get the water from outside.”
“That’s right, it’s cooking!”

I have Sati hold on to the big pot and we go outside. The reality is, in this kind of situations one gets awkwardly flustered?

“Ok, this is the water well. Draw the water.”

I issue instructions while feigning to be calm. Sati is working hard to pull out out the bucket with water from the water well. With a splosh, she put the water from the bucket into the big pot.

“Alright, then shall we go back? Isn’t it heavy? Can you carry it?”
“I’m okay.”

With a ‘heave-ho’ she walks while carrying it. I appears what the slave trader said about them being strong is true. I open the door for Sati who had both her hands occupied and we enter. She puts water into a small pot and puts it onto the cooking stove. When she puts firewood.

“For fire, how do normal people light it?”
“They use a flint.”

I see. Today while thinking if I would use magic, Sati crouched down and was rummaging.

“Found one!”

Replying ‘yes’ she showed it to me. Did the previous resident leave it behind?

“Can you light the fire?”
“I’ll try to.”

Sitting she starts to clink the flint. This is so troublesome just to boil water. Even though it would take 10 seconds to light it with magic. Should we mainly eat out…? Before long, it appears to be lit. Her skill is good. From TV I’ve watched previously, lighting fire takes at least around 30 minutes. The embers light the firewood and the fire rises while cracking. Sati is watching over the water in the pot with a serious expression. The water won’t boil from her watching it, but I how the feeling from staring at it. I stop her as she quietly tried to thrust her finger into it.

“Don’t use your finger to measure the temperature. When it boils, it’ll start bubbling. Watch it.”
“Ah, bubbles are coming out! Bubbles!”

The heating power from the cooking stove is pretty strong. Or should I say, for all that little water to be boiled looks like we put too much firewood. It immediately boiled.

“Okay, then put the pot here. Let’s put the tea leaves.”

And there’s no pot stand, is it okay to place it directly? The small pot has soot, the table might get a little bit dirty. Let’s use Cleanup later. No, should I leave it to Sati? She wished to work after all.

I put a pinch of Magi Tea in a cloth, tie it like a pouch with a string and put it in the hot water. It’s a simple tea bag. Sati is quietly watching. I have Sati pour the prepared magi tea and drink it. Yea, it’s good. Even though I thought it tasted strange at first, once I got used to it, it’s no different than drinking the tea from Japan. When I have Sati take a sip she makes an odd expression.


“This is called Magi Tea. It’s a tea that recovers a little bit of Magic Power for wizards.”

I explain it while pouring the remaining tea in the canteen. It’s only boiling water. By all means it can’t be considered cooking, but later if she chops ingredients she can make something like a soup, can’t she?

“Then, can you tidy up what’s left?”

Sati takes away the pot and cups to the kitchen sink. Of course there’s no water supply. She draws water from the big pot and hand washes them. Let me see, since it looks like there are no sponges, then they use something like scrubbing brushes? Afterwards she leaves them in the sink, there would be a bucket a something. Are there dust clothes, dish clothes or detergent? If there isn’t, it’ll be troublesome when making fried food. A pot to be used for deep-frying or something and tools. As one would expect there are no paper towels, are them? How do the people here do things? Which reminds me, there aren’t restaurants that serve things like karaage or cutlets. I wonder if that kind of cuisine doesn’t exist? Even though I believe dragon meat in karaage would be delicious.

Sati who finished the washing having a whole smiling face reports me with a ‘I’m finished’. Her voice is being lively too. Despite planning to buy a maid to take care of things, I feel like I ended up being the one taking care of her, yet this way isn’t too bad. In any case, it’s shopping. We must procure many kinds of daily necessities.

“Well then, Sati. Shall we go shopping?”
“Yes, Masaru-sama!”

Flapping her tail and having a smiling face, Sati is very cute. From today, I’ll start living with this girl in this house. Yeah, this is it. It might not be so bad!

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  1. Thanks for the chapter. Sati seems like a bit of an airhead. I don’t blame Masaru for having problems explaining though. That’s an awkward conversation to be having. He should probably push explaining it off onto Angela.


    • I see where you are coming from, but I don’t think that is his intent.
      Even she believes that showing herself to random people would be wrong, and is only showing him because she considers him to be her owner and her own desires to be secondary.
      He is simply informing her that he considers her own desires to be important in this matter.


  2. thanks for the chapter. I really appreciate it. There are so many half bake translator(people who start translate like 1 chap and quit) and those that translate like once every 6 months.


  3. A “soup with no ingredients”… wouldn’t that just be water? Or even air?
    How about “broth” instead?

    My thanks to you.


    • It’s only said in this chapter and the previous one that what Masaru is looking at is Sati’s Menu. Thus he can manipulate and manage her skills. As for why he can see and use Sati’s Menu while early on it’s explained that levels and the game element things are unknown to the locals, you can chalk it up to it being another cheat. As to the exact reason? That’s a spoiler.


      • Status doesn’t exist in that world. It’s just a convenience made for MC’s personal use. Just like language skill. Having everything understandable from the start eases things up.


  4. sigh. he hasn’t checked if he can use his retrain skill on slaves so using a skill to repair her eyesight instead of making a potentially short term investment on heal skill was a bit dumb, cause he could get his own back in a few weeks.


  5. So… what happens to her after the 20 years? Go back with him? Just him disappear? I’d ask God in that case, although I’d love to live in that world forever so meh I wouldn’t even question about “going back.”


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