I’m a NEET but when I went to Hello Work I got taken to another world – Volume 1 Chapter 20

Volume 1 Chapter 20 – The cute little priestess’ prayers

The next day, we came out from the forest, walk down the main road and finally arrive at the city safely. It was already in the middle of the afternoon. Today, a simple report was more than enough, tomorrow there’s going to be another meeting. Because of the dragon in question, the instructor and I stayed.

“I have heard! Looks like you had an outstanding performance!”

When I went to report to Drevin, Tilika-chan was also there today. She was standing to a side behind Drevin with a vacant look like usual.

“I thought I was gonna die.”
“You have good luck facing a dragon of that level and coming out alive! It became quite a good experience, didn’t it?

Well it was me who decided to participate, I don’t have any complaints.

“That’s so. But for the next while, I’ll be declining.”
“For a while it’ll okay for you to rest and enjoy your reward. In a variety of ways!”

That’s right. In many ways.

We come out from the rear side of the guild and guided to a big warehouse. Is it a refrigerated one? It feels chilly. Also several people I haven’t seen before are accompanying us.

“Here’s good. Show us the dragon.”

I pull out the dragon from Items.

“Ohhh, isn’t this quite a splendid dragon? This one, it’ll sell for a good price!”

The people accompanying us swarm around the dragon.

“After it’s examined here, it’ll butchered and put on auction. Since it needs to be announced, it’ll take place several days later. The remuneration from the shares of the dragon’s raw materials will come after that. Concerning the other rewards, that’ll be tomorrow. In relation to the subjugation reward, it’ll be given to you whenever you show your guild card at the reception.”
“I’d like a share of the dragon’s meat for souvenirs, though.”
“That’s right. You have the privilege to 10% of it as a cut from the subjugation. Is 100 kg okay?”

100 kg is a bit too much. Let’s leave it at around 50 kg?

“Then, please around 50 kg.”

Waiting for the meat to be cut up, Tilika-chan murmured “Meat”. When did she come besides me unnoticed?

“Dragon meat.”

She murmured once again while looking at me. Perhaps she wants to eat it? Dragon steak is delicious after all.

“Ermm, you want to eat meat?”

She nods in agreement. Looks like I was right.

“Ah, well then, next time I cook I’ll invite you. Is that okay?
“Yes. I’m looking forward to it.”

A dinner with Tilika-chan. I can’t use the inn, with this the reasons for me to get a house are increasing.

“You’re lucky, Tilika! Have him treat you to a feast!”

Tilika-chan nods. Was she a glutton, this girl?

I receive the meat and leave behind the guild. The meat was split in halves and put in earthenware containers. This parallel world, of course doesn’t have things like vinyl or plastic. The food is put in wooden boxes or pottery, as well as baskets weaved from plants, wrapped in big leaves and so forth. Lunch boxes are often wrapped in leaves. Paper does exist but it’s costly, thus it isn’t used as wrapping paper. Because of that I feel they aren’t particularly inconvenient and given they are nothing but things that if left alone they’ll return back to the earth, couldn’t it be said it’s a eco-friendly society?

I head to the orphanage. With this amount, I wonder if they’ll have enough to prepare dinner. I guess if I tell the children that I defeated a dragon they’ll be surprised! I wanted to show them the actual dragon, but it can’t be helped. I also received one of its scales, they’ll have to be satisfied with only that.

Arriving at the orphanage, as expected they were in the middle of preparing dinner. I was spotted by the sharp-sighted kids and surrounded.

“Onii-chan, welcome back!” “Hey, the presents?! presents!” “Meat! Meat!” “The sword is cool! Show me your sword!” “Meat! Meat!”

Now that they mention it, inside the city the sword on my waist is more than enough, it’s the first time I’ve come in full equipment.

“There, there, step a little bit back.”

I draw the sword on my back to show them.

“Awesome! A black sword!” “So cool!”

It’s pretty popular. Isn’t it pretty? This, hasn’t been used in combat yet? While they’re being noisy, Angela comes out.

“I’m back. I made it back unharmed.”

Angela-chan without running up to me or hugging me, I was only greeted normally. However she showed me a delighted expression. That alone is more than enough.

“Then, how was the investigation?”

I was lead inside and talked about it at the dining table.

“The going and return trips were really boring. The B and C rank parties were leading the way. Those people ended up beating all the monsters that appeared. No doubt, it was a guarded tour through the forest. Although there was once a group orcs, it was finished after I shot magic 2 or 3 times. It was something really easy.”
“Really? I’m relieved that there was no danger.”
“That is so, right? Somehow An-chan was worried about Masaru-chan and was praying everyday!”
Sister Matilda came around saying that.

“Wha?! I-It’s not like I was worried… that…”

Angela-chan turned beet red. I see, most likely the death flag from fighting the dragon was broken thanks to this cute little priestess’ blessing. If it’s Angela-chan’s prayer, I guess it’s extremely miraculous. I’m really touched. What a good girl.

Angela-chan is this cute. Certainly she’s popular, I believe. One day I asked sister Matilda and was told “She’s very popular. She has many fans, I  tell you.” A priestess and a nurse and a day-care worker and a beauty. Why there aren’t any signs of men? Bastards fully loaded with ulterior motives who get close are filtered out and passed judgement by the priest-sama, a extremely strong former temple knight. If one were to speak of me, I’m short, child-faced and probably thought of me as a kid and before long I was liked by the people and children here. And I have helped several times at the medical center. Now let’s return to the main subject.

“Is that so? You were worried about me, eh? If I don’t properly thank you.”
“Okay, here’s the souvenir.”

From the items I take out and put on the desk the wooden box with the dragon meat It’s a 25 kg portion.

“But even so, you don’t need to be so considerate of us. This, what meat is it?”

While poking the meat repeatedly Angela-chan stiffens.

“Dragon meat. Well that dragon was really tough.”
“Really? But you said there was no danger. Ahhh, I see. The other people defeated it, right?”

While saying ‘Heh, so this is dragon meat?’ she takes a good look at it. Why did you come down to that conclusion? I must fully inform her that I fought with it.

“No, I really played a very active part in it. With my fire magic explosion! The dragon crashed down into the ground. With the damage from the fall, it was an easy victory!”

However, I wasn’t the one who killed it.

“An easy victory you say, was it a small dragon?”
“It was huge. More than 10 meters.”
“You fought against that? Did you, Masaru?”
“I’m telling you, I did fight it.”
“In spite of you telling me it was safe, that there would be no risk to your life…”
“Although I was the baggage carrier and told it was okay even if I didn’t fight. But, you know. If the dragon took flight it would take it about half a day to get here. I was told the city would be in danger if we didn’t defeat it.”

I wish you could believe me. It wasn’t because I was dazzled by the enormous reward, absolutely not.


Although it couldn’t be said it didn’t feel like a good atmosphere, at a distance we were completely surrounded by the children. If it were just the two of us alone, somehow… somehow? Is it impossible? It’s no good. If it was just the two of us alone I couldn’t know what to do.

“But, look. Because I’m a wizard. I used my magic from a a distant position and when the flying dragon was knocked down, it was left to the vanguards after that. They said the B ranked people we were together with had experience in dragon subjugation and despite a few people were injured as expected, they were all minor ones.”

The tank needed Heal like 6 times to completely recover but it didn’t feel like he had quite a serious injury.

“Leaving that aside, this dragon meat. After the battle, everybody ate it. It was very tasty.”
“But, is it okay? To accept something like this? Dragon meat is a super high class item!”
“Yes, it’s alright. Besides, I got my share. That’s because of my outstanding performance. I received a really big cut.”
“But, how do you eat this? I have never cooked dragon meat before.”
“As it is, I’ve been told you can grill it as steak or make stew. Either of them is wonderful.”
“Steak and stew?… Ah, everyone! Onii-chan brought us a present! It’s dragon meat!”

Ah, they didn’t forget to do that, eh? The children gathered and said their thanks.

“Onii-chan, thank you!”

Yeah. As expected they couldn’t leave this out.

Afterwards I was invited for dinner and after the meal I went out to the courtyard with the children to have a big boasting party.

“At that time, together with the wind mage we flew into the sky and chased the dragon. Us two were chasing after the fleeing dragon. Finally I finished casting and with an explosion the dragon’s wing burst! Wing plucked the dragon falls. However, at the end it headed towards us and fired a breath. Right away I….”

The children were listening to the story with sparkling eyes. Yea, they’re enjoying it. I spiced the story a little bit, but it’s alright with this much, isn’t it?

“And this is a dragon’s scale.”

I take out the scale and show it to the children.

“Woooooow.” “Dragon! Awesome!” “Incredible! Nii-chan! Nii-chan!”

Uhahahahaha. That’s good, children. Give me more praise! Angela-chan is listening to the story with a look of admiration. With this, will she get a better opinion of me? Because I was thought to be very weak. Well, if you remove my cheats I believe I couldn’t be any different from these children.

Angela-chan waved her hand at me and I left behind the orphanage that was in good spirits. Angela-chan is really cute. I was thinking while walking down the road that had become completely dark. According to the children I secretly asked about, it seems there aren’t any men she socializes with and by all means they want me to get along with her. Even though I feel there’s hope, to begin with I have zero experience with girls. Angela-chan, it’s possible she’s amiable with everyone and it’s better if I make my moves carefully and without rushing.

The mood was good, returning to the inn I think about tomorrow. Getting the reward, first I’ll search for a house. I wonder if there are real state agents in this other world? Unexpectedly, I’ll start to live independently. At the inn it didn’t feel like I was living a single’s life after all. Still, I’m not good at housework and I can cook within my capacity. A house with a garden would be good. I want to try make a vegetable garden. And the maid! I got the information on the slave trader’s location. Oh no! I can’t stop my excitement! That night after writing in the log, while indulging in various delusions, before I knew it I fell asleep.

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