I’m a NEET but when I went to Hello Work I got taken to another world – Volume 1 Extra Chapter

Volume 1 Extra Chapter – Sati’s story

As a child I was normal. My eyes could see normally and I wasn’t any different than the other children. A certain season I started falling over a lot. My eyes rapidly got worse. A touring priest-sama had them looked at, but there was nothing that could be done. Fortunately, I was still able to see to some degree and because of that my ears and nose were very effective, thus anyhow I managed to keep on living. I’d bump and knock things down or tripping over, though. I was capable of physical labor. However, I was only allowed to do simple work. I was always useless.

One day, I was sold off as a slave. That year the crop failed. They didn’t have room to support someone as useless as me. Father and mother, big brother and sister were pleased to have been paid to get rid of a burden. My little sister who was really emotionally attached to me cried reluctant to part with me. When I think that she won’t starve thanks to the money from selling me, I endured it.

After I was sold off, my life wasn’t so bad. I wasn’t being hit and my brother and sister that bullied me weren’t there. In the mornings and evenings, although it wasn’t enough, I had a meal without fail and also could take baths periodically. However, nobody bought me. Even here I was being useless. In that same period, a big sis that arrived at the slave trader’s taught me a lot of things. Things like how to behave after I was sold and the way to please men. I was taught how to wash their bodies when taking a bath together. She praised me for being skillful. Yet, I remained unsold the whole time. No one would buy me. Because the price of beastmen was cheap there were a lot of people that showed interest. However, when they were told I had bad eyesight they said they didn’t want me.

Finally that day came. I could only see his appearance faintly but judging from the voice it appears to be a young man. This person would surely say he doesn’t want me once he hears I have bad eyesight. They’re talking about the mines again. I wonder if I’ll be sent to the mines soon. Dying in a dark hole is something I’d hate. A brothel won’t be pleasant either.

I was called. Rare things do happen. However, if I don’t do my best.

“Errr, I’ll do my best, so please purchase me. Master.”

I wonder if I was able to say it exactly like that big sis taught me?

“Say, can I try healing magic?”

This person is a healer! Perhaps my eyes could be healed.

“Your name?”
“My name is, Sati.”
“Well then Sati, since I’ll be using healing magic on you, stay still, ok?”

My heart is beating fast. If my eyes were healed. Would this person become my master?

— It didn’t work. As expected, my eyes won’t be healed and nobody will buy me. I’ll be sent off to the mines.

But a miracle happened.

“I’ll buy her…”

Buy? Did he say buy just now? Really? I can’t believe it.
But except for me, the other slaves ended up being taken out from the room. Only I and that person remained.

“Are you alright?”

Such a kind voice. I received healing magic too. I’m sure I wouldn’t be hit by this person.

“Yes, please treat me well. Master. I’ll do anything, so please order me.”
“I’m Yamano Masaru. Please call me Masaru.”
“Yes, Masaru-sama.”

I bring my head closer to look at Masaru-sama’s face. This is my master… I must make sure he doesn’t hate me. I must try not to be a failure. Otherwise, I might end up being returned like that big sis. I have to do my utmost effort to serve him.

I fell. In spite of planning not to be a failure, this happened right away. Masaru-sama might be disgusted.

“I’m always falling over. I’m okay.”

It doesn’t hurt if it’s this much. It’s nothing. Even so I immediately ended up falling again. I want to cry. Masaru-sama used healing magic on me then grabbed my hand. He’s very kind.

“Is Masaru-sama a healer?”
“I’m a wizard.”

Wonderful. Not only healing magic, but he’s able to use other magic too. He bought clothes for me. I bumped into something at the clothing store again. Surely, he’s disgusted. If I’m not more reliable he’ll end up hating me.

“Is there any work for me? I’ll do anything.”

I received a lunch box. It smells good. But what should I do? Although I was told to remain seated here, it’s absurd for a slave to be together on the same dining table with the master.

“It’s fine. Eat it here.”

Masaru-sama is very kind. The lunch box was very tasty. Really really delicious.

When I was picking the leftover bits in the lunch box I received another one. Masaru-sama is very kind. The lunch box is very tasty. I also got a grilled wild rabbit meat skewer. It’s delicious.

“I’ll give medical treatment to your eyes now.”

Previously it was a failure, but is he going to do it once more? Could I possibly be healed?

“Now you can open your eyes.”

I had my eyes closed, I open my eyes. Nothing in particular…? Suddenly my vision worked. I could clearly see Masaru-sama’s face!

“My eyes, are they healed?”
“That’s right. They’re healed.”

Is it. Is it going to be alright? I won’t end up sent off to the mines? Stay here forever? Besides Masaru-sama… While I was crying again I received another skewer. It’s delicious.

“What did you ever wish to do if your eyes were healed?”

If my eyes were healed? I have never thought about it. But. If they were healed I wanted to try cooking. I ended up crying again. Masaru-sama is being troubled. I’m sorry.

“Let’s change your clothes first. Look, didn’t we buy some at a clothing store while returning?”

I was in my slave clothes all this time. He averted his eyes when I let him see me naked. Could a meagre body like mine not please a man? Even though big sis told me it could be okay.

“It’s wrong for a girl to be undressing in front of people.”

But there’s only Masaru-sama here. It’s not like I’m being seen by anyone except for Masaru-sama. Or could it be he dislikes seeing me naked?…

“They don’t undress except for like going to take a bath or in front of the person they like!”

It’s alright because I love Masaru-sama. Even so, I was stopped when I undressed. As expected, he doesn’t want to see me, does he?

“Hey, for now it’s cooking, isn’t it?

That’s right! We were going to cook! Let’s have him look at me naked later. It’s not like he doesn’t want to see me naked anyways. I drew the water and lighted the fired. Boiled it and poured the tea. Also did the washing. I didn’t fail, not even once. Isn’t this something amazing? It’s all thanks to Masaru-sama.

“Well then, Sati. Shall we go shopping?”
“Yes, Masaru-sama!”

Being called by Masaru-sama’s voice I was exhilarated. Is this what they call happiness? I’m not sure. However, from now on I’m sure everything will turn out well. I had that presentiment.


133 thoughts on “I’m a NEET but when I went to Hello Work I got taken to another world – Volume 1 Extra Chapter

  1. No activity on the progress bar for a month, translators should probably post an update on their statuses once a month… Too many translators leavin ppl hangin

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  2. Thanks for the volume! I really enjoyed the story!

    Having read a few spoilers and looking at the images of the next volume, I am looking forward to seeing how ‘it’ all comes together!

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      • I think i can help you out when it comes to checks ng grammars or so on. I really love this novel and i would like to help people out.


    • Please pick this up sir. Its been too long already. And for some reason it will just another good novel left to wonder for eternity waiting to be translated. And if you have more time kindly check this.
      “I Work As A Healer In Another World’s Labyrinth City”
      I think this was dropped by those translator 3years ago. Its such a waste for this novel to be left out.

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  3. Schyte22 are you picking this up? . Its been ages and readers are slowly forgetting this novels is good and been in the bottom of some reading list because of no update. And by the way kindly check this novel.
    “I Work As A Healer In Another World’s Labyrinth City”
    Last known update was over 1k++ days ago.


  4. You know guys….. It’s only been alittle over a month….. And these chapters seem fairly long…..

    Though I will say that it would be more popular if it had at one a week, but some people actually have lives to live lol. Also it’s not really mtl based so there’s lots of factors adding to time. I’d imaging that the Trl will just up and have time starting randomly and start pumping chapters again. It’s common. Or get bored and drop it, in which case someone like rtd would pick it up.


  5. i think even RTD pick up this
    they will translate WN version not LN
    so when this translator come back to translate LN version again
    it will make drama for people who don’t know about different version


  6. Hello, this is Firebird. First, I want to thank you for your hard work on the first volume. I’ve greatly enjoyed reading it, and so did many others, therefore because we didn’t hear from you for many months now, I decided to continue the translation in your stead. It’s been three months since I started translating Hello Work from where you left off and since you have not contacted me in those three months, I assumed that this was your silent consent in allowing me to continue Hello Work.
    I would also like to put up your part of the chapters on a site called Moon Bunny Cafe. It is a site that was created to maximize readability and convenience on a single platform for readers. I’m currently doing another series called No Fatigue in cooperation with kookiedreamer which is also on the site for that reason.
    If you don’t mind us putting your translation on Moon Bunny Cafe, but want to have access to edit your translations, alyschu, one of the admins of Moon Bunny Cafe has also expressed consent in creating you a Moon Bunny account and setting those chapters to belong to you. Just contact her via the website’s Contact Us tab.
    If you don’t notify us otherwise, I will consider it as a silent agreement. Thank you!

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  7. can some other translating group pick this up?

    i love that this current TL took his/her time to translate this but i rather have a dedicated TL

    who releases every week


  8. Ugu, sniff. I think i am crying from seeing how happy the slave is at the end of the chapter. I also have a warm feeling in my chest, thx you translator for your hard work.

    The thing i am really anxious about is when he will need to return to Japan. What will happen to the wives ? I can only hope he ask God to rejuvenate them and bring them home with him or he just say that he want to stay in this world.


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