I’m a NEET but when I went to Hello Work I got taken to another world – Volume 1 Chapter 12

Volume 1 Chapter 12 – I want to fly freely in the sky!

It’s the middle of the afternoon but I return to the inn and check the Menu.

Stats in text fomat from WN
Yamano Masaru, Human, Magic Swordsman

[Titles] Wild Rabbit Hunter
The man who desperately fought with a wild rabbit.
Guild Rank E

Level 5
HP 208/104+104
MP 56/148+148
Strength 28+28
Stamina 29+29
Agility 18
Skill 22
Magic Power 41

Skill Points 20
Fencing Level 4, Physical Enhancement Level 2, Skill Reset, Razgrad World Standard Language
Life Magic, Clock, Fire Magic Level 3 
Shield Level 2, Evasion Level 1, Spearmanship Level 1, Hand-to-Hand Combat Level 1, Stamina Recovery Enhancement, Guts
Archery Level 1, Throwing Technique Level 2, Stealth Level 2, Ninja-Walk Level 2, Presence Detection Level 2
Magic Power Sensing Level 1, Healing Magic Level 1


From the Skills List, I try searching for a magic that can be used like levitation but I don’t really know. Is it spatial magic? Something like teleport would be really convenient, but presently I’m loitering in this single town so it’s not so useful. It’s possible it could be used to escape from battle, however useful spells have a long casting time. As expected do I need to ask someone?

I pick out several useful Skills.

High Speed Casting, MP Consumption Reduction, Magic Power Increase, MP Recovery Up, all cost 5 Points. If compared they are all powerful, but at the present I don’t have the room to be willingly spending all my skill points to that extent. It’s better to get High Speed Casting only, however I’m not sure since I don’t know the extent of its effect at level 1. Even if it shortens casting 10% it would be useless for today’s battles.

It’s a different matter raising Fire Magic. Firepower is already enough. What’s not enough is defense. Even against a huge wild boar the firepower of a Minor Explosion is more than enough. The problem is the process that leads to that though…

Stealth is meaningless once a battle starts. Looks like it is Earth Magic for defense. It takes 14 Points to raise it to Level 4. Do I try to take Evasion Level 4? Although if I don’t try to use it I won’t know.

Could I win against that with Fencing Level 5? I have thought about raising Archery, but many arrows would get stuck to the huge wild boar, yet I don’t believe they would stop it.

I came to a conclusion from thinking it alone. In any event maybe I need to discuss it with someone? Even if I say someone, it would be the instructor or the receptionist guy though.

I leave the inn and go to the training ground but the instructor is absent, I was told he’s at the guild. I turn up at the guild and the instructor was discussing something with the assistant guild master.

“Ah, Masaru. You came at the right time.” the baldy greeted me like that. Tilika-chan was standing behind him with a vacant expression.
“What is it? I had something to discuss with the instructor.”
“I’ll hear yours later. First hear what we have to say.”

Of course I have to hear what the instructor has to say.

“In three days we’ll send an investigation team into the depths of the forest. We’ll have you go too.”
“I’ve been chosen as commander for that. We certainly want you to come.”
“That’s right. You’ll carry the baggage.”

I have a problem with the way you say it, baldy. Nevertheless it’s another request to be a baggage carrier?

“If you’re in charge of the supplies, it’ll make the journey easier. The distance to travel will be 2 days, 2 days return trip with 1 day for the investigation for a total of 5 days scheduled.”
“I think you already know, but the forest has been restless lately. Unlike the norm plus things coming out from the interior. Now it has come to a one time investigation. Anyways, it’s okay for you to follow us from the back. In relation to combat we’ve arranged for some experienced B class!”
“It’s about time you graduate from the grasslands and get some experience in the forest, is that right?. It’s rare to get experience with escort missions.”
“Well, if that’s what the instructor says.”
“I see, I see! Then the departure is in 3 days in the early morning. Since the supplies need preparation, show your face in the guild in the afternoon the day after tomorrow. Get the details of the reward at the reception.”
“We’re glad you accepted. And, what were you gonna discuss?”
“Today, at the boundary between the grasslands and forest I had to fight a huge wild boar…”

I explain the  battle with the boar and what I’ve thought of today.

“That is, you. It’s beyond the limits of someone soloing. By all means it’s something not possible for anyone alone!”
“That’s right. However it’s not so bad if you want to focus on Earth Magic. It’s a magic system to attain a balance of offense and defense. I can’t teach you Earth Magic, but I’ll show you Levitation. If it’s of some use. Let’s go to the training ground. Well then, Drevin-dono, if you you’ll excuse us.”

“Levitation is a magic to lift up things.” while saying that, he calls forth a nearby wooden sword with magic.
“Since my main occupation isn’t a wizard it’s impossible for me to float my body, but still I’m able to do this much.”

Saying that he bent his knees and jumped up. About 5 meters. He flew up to the height of the 2nd floor’s ceiling and made a soft landing. Furthermore he flew here and onto my shoulders. I almost didn’t feel his weight. He kicked up my shoulders and landed on the ground.

“The duration is short and I can’t use it continuously, however you could do some interesting movements, couldn’t you?”

I’m thinking over the intructor’s movements just now. I turn towards the laying wooden sword and shoot Magic Power, however it wouldn’t suddenly do the trick and it didn’t even twitch a little.

“It feels like holding an object with magic.”

Hold… hold.

“It’s better if you try it on something lighter first. Like a coin.”

Saying that he holds a copper coin in front of my eyes. The flow of Magic Power can be felt when I concentrate on it.
I slowly extend Magic Power towards the coin and took hold of it. I feel like the Magic Power is pushed back and the coin drops with a ‘plop’. I pick up the coin, put it on my palm and in one go I apply pressure with Magic Power. Gradually I strengthen the Magic Power and suddenly the coin flew up. The instructor catches the falling coin.

“You already learned it? As one might expect, that’s the difference when the main occupation is a mage.”

I take out a copper coin from Items and try it once more before I forget the sensation just now. This time it floated immediately. I control it to stay in the air.

I check the Menu.

[Common Magic]

I wonder why it wasn’t in the Skills List? Is it a magic that doesn’t consume skill points? It was something I acquired immediately after watching it. It’s also a mystery why it doesn’t have a level.

“Thank you instructor. The reference was very helpful.”

I cast [Levitation]. My body floats. Once I increase the amount of Magic Power used my body floats up. Like that I lift my body. I stop at around 2 meters, take out a knife from Items and throw it. However it upsets my balance in midair and I feel like I’ll fall. The knife was completely off. This time I throw it while also minding the balance. I hit close to the mark.

I’m not very successful. Because I can’t put much strength in midair, the throw doesn’t have any power. Next I attempt to cast [Fire Arrow], I fall down.

“You can’t use two separate magics. Though you can use two simultaneously.”
“What do you mean by that?”
“Although it’s not as thorough a knowledge as coming from an expert, listen. Like you just did, it’s impossible to use another magic while you’re levitating. However, for example you can combine wind and fire to make a fire storm magic. Even if Fire Arrow uses fire, it’s said that you’re mixing two magics to shoot it.”
“So it’s impossible to use two separately?”
“Dunno. At least I don’t know a wizard that can. It’s at the level of legends. If you want to know, you can check it on some books. It’s almost getting dark. Let’s finish this talk.”
“Ahh. Thank you very much instructor. How about we go drink together? It’s my treat.”
“Yeah, there’s a place nearby that serves some good alcohol. Let’s talk various things about the forest while we drink.”


25 thoughts on “I’m a NEET but when I went to Hello Work I got taken to another world – Volume 1 Chapter 12

  1. So, why not control the knife to repeatedly stab the target.. if it has range limitation then why not use the levitation skil to throw the knife..
    Thank you for the chapter 🙂


  2. It seems like he should ask the god if a multicast skill exists. If he can get that added to his skill list it’d probably be worth it even if the lowest level costed a whole hundred skill points.


  3. “I Have 20 Skill Points to spend, I have four skills I really want, they each cost 5 skill points, it’s a shame I can’t get them all.” Is something wrong with his head, or did you mis-translate something?


    • I think I was too literal or used the wrong words and the right idea wasn’t conveyed. Rather than having enough or not, he doesn’t have the allowance to willingly spend all of his points in those 4 skills. I’ll change that in the translation


  4. Thank you for the chapter, he should’ve invested in those skills. As a RPG gamer, those 4 upgrades are almost always wanted or needed, depending on availability, and are extremely useful.


  5. The story is starting to become,, I’m a NEET but when I went to hello work I went to another world and got told what to do.


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