I’m a NEET but when I went to Hello Work I got taken to another world – Volume 1 Chapter 11

Volume 1 Chapter 11 – In a small room with a beautiful blonde who just got out of the bath

It was already noon when I returned to the city. First I go report to the guild.

The receptionist guy got angry at me.

“I already told you it was enough to survey only. There was no need to do something unreasonable.”
“Eh, but the other party swoop down on me…”
“I hear that, but you’re a wizard after all. Can’t you just fly away?”
“Like on a broom?” [TL: Will he choose a Nimbus 2000, Firebolt or go all out for a Firebolt Supreme?]
“A broom? I don’t know about brooms, but if it’s levitation I thought most wizards could use it.”

There was something like that?

“Well, I haven’t had the chance to learn it. I’ll try to get it next after healing magic.”

The goblins subjugation reward is 120 Gold for 12 of them at 10 Gold each. Adding the 100 Gold reward from the request it is a total of 220 Gold. It is 22,000 Japanese Yen. Is that plenty for a single day’s earnings? It appears the huge wild boar can be sold for a considerable amount which I’ll do later in the Trade Guild.

I buy lunch at a stall and eat while walking. A sandwich with some kind of meat in between the bread. I try not to ask what kind of meat. It’s okay as long as it tastes good. [TL: Ignorance is bliss. Better than maybe finding out the green thing is made out of people! :P]

I turn up at the medical center and was told Angela is at the orphanage, so I head there. Angela had finished lunch with the children and seemed to be in the middle of cleaning up.

“Wait just a minute. I’ll be finished soon.”

She came out into the garden while being followed around by the children.

“Hey hey, don’t you have wild rabbit meat today? It was really delicious!”
“Wild rabbit, wild rabbit!”
“Yeah, I caught some wild rabbits. But today I have something better!”
“What what?!”
“There, there, I’ll show you. Step away a little bit.”

I took out the huge wild boar from Items.

At that moment it became pandemonium. The boys were in an uproar, there were small kids crying, others running away. There were even those that dropped to the floor and peed themselves.

Ah, crap. It was too much of a stimulus to the children?

“Incredible, incredible, what’s this?! It’s huuuuge.”
“Did nii-chan defeat this?! Did nii-chan defeat it?!”

As expected it’s nice the children are upfront. But what’s up with the panic? In the meantime let’s pretend to be calm and make sure to answer normally.

“Yeah. It was a tough opponent. This is a huge wild boar. A monster from the forest.”
“What’s the uproar… What’s this?”
Angela came out.

“A huge wild boar. Today’s catch.”
“This is a huge wild boar… It’s the first time I’ve seen one. Well, you’re a really a skillful adventurer, huh?”

Saying that and looking around, it appears like she noticed the disastrous scene. She promptly gave out instructions and gathered those who were crying or peed themselves. She has good skills. The children obediently followed the instructions.

“I’m sorry, seems it was too much stimulus for the children.”
“It’s ok, it’s ok. After all, when they grow they’ll have seen many sights like this. It might not be bad to show them reality earlier. However, if you want to say your apologies, then don’t hesitate. It appears huge wild boar meat is delicious, you know?”

“Ah, I’ll bring it back after it’s taken apart.”

From the beginning I was planning to give a portion of it as a present, okay? I put the boar into Items.

“I’m looking forward to it. By the way, shall we take a bath right now? There are children that ended up soiled. Masaru, do you have Magic Power left to make hot water?”

I have 180 MP remaining. I’ve been frequently drinking the Magic Power recovery tea I prepared at the inn this morning, I have plenty left.

“I have more than enough.”

“Then, can you help with that? You are going in too, aren’t you?”

The orphanage being in an independent building, its bath is fairly big. 10 people can get into the bathtub at a time. There’s a water well nearby, the water is drawn and poured by manual labor and heated with firewood. The children are already diligently helping to carry the water.

“It’s been a long time since I took a bath.” saying that, Angela showed a disgusted expression.
“I properly wash myself with Cleanup.”
“That’s obviously no good. Cleanup only removes the superficial dirtiness. If you don’t as much as wash in a bath you won’t get completely clean… That’s why adventurers…”
“I thought Cleanup was enough.”
“When you’re like traveling and such, it is ok. But if you don’t properly wash yourself with hot water…”

It’s been around two weeks since I was hurled into this world? I confirm on the clock that it’s the 26th of the 9th month. I’m sure the first day was the 11th, so it’s been 16 days? Thinking about it I started to feel itchy.

They almost finished bringing the water so I start heating it. I have heated water in a glass, so it should be alright. Because there’s a lot of water, maybe it’ll take 10 MP? I send Magic Power into the water.

Suddenly and with a loud noise vapor gushes out from the bathtub. I put my finger to test the temperature.

“HOT! It’s too hot. Water! Water!”

Seems the Magic Power charged was too much. I made several trips with the children to carry water and finally the temperature became suitable.

“That looks good, eh? Then you go first. Ok, here.”

Angela hands me a soap.

“Wash yourself properly.”

You sound like my mother, Teacher Angela.

“Sister, is it okay for us to use soap?”
“Yeah, but use it with care, okay?”
“Is soap expensive here?”
“Fairly expensive. Not so much you can’t buy it, but every time we let the children use it, in the blink of an eye it disappears. The quantity they use is not insignificant.”

How did one make soap? Was it mixing waste oil with wood ashes? And fragrances? But it seems one can buy it normally, is it meaningless even if I try to make?

In the dressing room around 10 boys got undressed and entered the bath. Pouring some hot water I wash my body first. It doesn’t foam as much as a soap from Japan, but looks like it perfectly cleans. The children don’t pay any particular attention towards me, the senior group takes care to wash the younger boys and those already washed use the bathtub. I finished washing my body, rinse the soap and get in the bathtub with them. A bath really feels good. Lets take baths periodically from now on.

Passing through the congested dressing room I go out to the garden and quench my thirst with the tea in my canteen. This is when you’d want some strawberry milk, but I guess there isn’t such here? Somehow in this parallel world there aren’t many sweet things, huh? Seems sugar is expensive, candy is more expensive than a normal meal. Ahh, I want to eat chocolate.

I was cooling myself in the garden and the children came along.

“Nii-chan! teach me the sword, sword! I want to become and adventurer!”

Looks like if I teach this kid to use Skills he could fight too, but how do I teach him to use the sword? The instructor’s training was mostly in the form of actual combat, maybe it’s unreasonable for a child. I try to open the Menu while facing the kid but as expected it doesn’t.

“Don’t you get taught healing and water magic by Sister Angela?”
“Sister Angela says we won’t until we’re 10 years old. Moreover she can’t teach us to use a sword.”

Inquiring about it they do housework and study till they’re 10 years old while seemingly prohibited from taking lessons in magic or fighting. From 10 years old they’re trained and leave the orphanage at 14. They say there are a lot that become adventurers.

They’re already independent at 14 years old? This other world is quite harsh. Besides adventurers, some become soldiers or enter an apprenticeship in a trade or craftsman’s guild. I hear that if they have talent for magic they are taught Healing Magic and stay here. Asking about agriculture it turns out around here plots of land are expensive and going to the countryside is disliked and unpopular. This city can’t be compared to the royal capital, but still it is quite prosperous.

While chatting with the children Angela came out from the bath. With just a bath towel and wet hair it doubles her sexiness.

“Well then, shall we begin today’s intensive training?”

We move to a room in the medical center. Despite being together in a small room with a beautiful blonde who just got out of the bath, the atmosphere is not erotic in the least, probably because this beautiful girl is holding a knife in her hand. When I think I’m about to be stabbed, it turns into a unpleasant mood.

“I don’t really want to do this, though.”

While saying such things I’m mercilessly being stabbed in the hand. This is absolutely unbelievable. There’s not even a bit of hesitation.

“We’re reviewing from yesterday, ok? First I’ll use Healing Magic, so watch carefully.”

While making an effort not to stare at her breasts right in front, I concentrate on the feeling in my palm. Since yesterday I started paying attention to the flow of Magic Power while using Magic, I feel like I vaguely been able to sense Magic Power.

“Somehow I feel like I can see the Magic Power.”
“Then, once more.”

My palm is mercilessly being stabbed. It hurts. It still hurts no matter how many times.

“I’ll see how the children are doing, keep practicing there.”

Mental image is the most important thing. Like turning water into hot water, I’m sure I can heal a wound. Not only concentrating Magic Power into the wound but also keeping in mind the image of the wound healing. Failure.

While remembering the Healing Magic of Teacher Angela I concentrate Magic Power into my palm… Failure.

Hmmm. And yet Fire Magic is so easy.

As a test I try using [Ignite Fire]. Extinguish it. I try using [Cleanup] and [Light] while sensing their flow of Magic Power.

[Fire Arrow], casting the arrow I hold it. Put it out. It’s supposed to be the same principle. There’s no reason I can’t use it.

Once again I concentrate Magic Power into my palm. Get healed! That instant I knew I cast Healing Magic. The wound is healed.

I try to check on the Menu and Magic Sensing Level 1 and Healing Magic Level 1 were added.

[Magic Power Sensing Level 1]
Can feel the flow of Magic Power.
[Healing Magic Level 1]
① Heal (small)

I went to call Angela and she came back.

I showed her my hand.

“Oh! You succeeded! Congratulations! I was sure you could do it.”

She congratulated me while slapping my shoulders like crazy.

“Well then, practice is next, right? Do you still have Magic Power? We’ll have you help at the medical center after this.”

I have 160 remaining. It’s enough.

“Oh my, you already learned the magic?”

Moving to the treatment room next door I was greeted by the nun.

“Yeah, send me the injured and the fractures.”

“We’re saved. Today is tough because there are many patients.”

A patient is carried here. Seems to be a leg fracture.

“A normal injury and a fracture are done the same. Try it.”

I cast [Heal (small)]. Angela squeezes around the patient’s leg. The patient groans.

“Once more. Yes. Again. Yeah, this is all right.”

It finally seems to have healed after casting [Heal (small)] three times.

“You’re really talented, heh? Normally after you succeed once, you still fail many times until you become skilled with it though.”

This too must be a cheat. I just got Healing Magic Level 1 and can unconditionally cast [Heal (small)] without fail.

“Because I’m also pretty confident with Fire Magic!”

Because of that they seem to understand. One by one patients are sent in. I came to understand how many Heals were enough depending on the condition of the wound. After examining approximately 10 patients successively we were finished with the injured ones.

While watching the nun treat the sick patients I asked her.

“Is Heal useless with something like a disease?”
“For diseases and countering poison it’s something different than Heal. For countering poisoning it doesn’t remove the poison so it’s useless; there are cases of disease where Heal is effective, but it’s necessary to match the cure with the disease.”

The next patient looked like a father carrying his child.

“It’s a cold that got aggravated, eh? Masaru-chan, could you use a Heal please?”

I cast [Heal]. The child got a little better.

“A normal Heal isn’t effective for a common cold, however it can restore some strength.”

Furthermore the nun used Healing Magic. The child’s color became healthier.

“After this, I consider if he rest in bed for several days he’ll recover. Get well soon.”

The father gave his thanks, took his child and left.

“To cure disease and poison, I wonder, it feels like purifying out the poison inside the body, you know? It’s quite difficult?”

Magic to cure a cold? Even in modern society there’s no fundamental cure for the common cold, but as one would expect from magic.

“For a disease you’re not sure about, Heal is okay at first. Since as long as they gain back their strength they mostly recover. And if that doesn’t work, that’s unlucky and there’s nothing but resignation.”

“With higher level healing techniques they can cure any disease, but it’s impossible to have here, you know?”
“Because the talented ones go to the royal capital or they’re drafted into the front lines.”

Seems there’s a high demand for Healing Magic. If the world wasn’t going to be destroyed, I’d raise Healing Magic to the highest level and seems I could make a living being a medic.

After that, I helped with several people’s treatment and finished that day’s work.

“You really helped today! Say, would you work exclusively for us? You could follow An-chan from now on?”

“W-what are you saying?! Hey, let’s go.”

She grabbed my hand and taken outside.

“Good grief with that person… Somewhat she feels like attaching everyone to a love affair. I’m sorry for troubling you Masaru.”

Honestly I’m feeling dizzy. Although she stabs people with knives, she’s a beauty, good at taking care of children and she has a very nice personality. She gives the impression of a day-care worker. If she married she’d become a good wife and wise mother.

“I wasn’t troubled, not at all. Rather wasn’t I troubling Angela? I think you’re beautiful and popular.”
“That’s not.. I’m…”

When we were walking together the children noticed and ran up here, just like that it became noisy.
Somehow I understood. In these circumstances, there’s no chance to nurture some affection and love.

“You’ll have your final practice tomorrow. Come here in the morning. We’ll have you give medical treatment until you exhaust all your Magic Power.”
“I think probably it won’t be used all up. Today I had plenty left.”
“I see. I’m looking forward to it.” saying that Angela was broadly grinning and laughing.

Right now my maximum MP is 296. In one hour I recover 24, moreover if I drink tea I believe there’s no way to completely exhaust my Magic Power, yet…

The next day I realized it was too naive a thought.

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