I’m a NEET but when I went to Hello Work I got taken to another world – Chapter 4

Pretty short but funny chapter, so here you go.

Volume 1, Chapter 4 – The man who fought desperately with a wild rabbit

When I woke up, it was an unfamiliar ceiling. Ugh, it has become routine. I had to say it.

“Oh, lad, you’re awake?”
“Bal… Drevin-san.”
“Hey, just now you were about to say baldy, didn’t you?”
“No, I couldn’t even think of doing that.”

The girl with the magic eye mercilessly gave her verdict.

“You know, I have a bit of a receding hairline but I’m not bald! Do you understand?”

I was threatened with his pointing finger, so I nodded while shaking.

“He is at a sensitive age. It’s better if you don’t touch the subject of his head.”

No, Tilika-chan, you shouldn’t be saying that.

“And so, what happened? They said you were found unconscious near the town and were carried in.”

Seems a kind person found me unconscious and was carried to the Adventurer’s Guild.

“A demon beast came attacking, at the end of the mortal combat we simultaneously struck each other.”

Uhum, I’m not lying. Tilika-chan isn’t reacting.

“Demon beast, this one?”

Drevin showed a scorched wild rabbit.

“It was dropped near you, so it was brought along.”

“At first the rhythm was good, but while fighting my stamina was exhausted, even then they kept attacking. I desperately fought, but close to where I could see the town I used up all my Magic Power too…”

“And in the end you came to a draw with the wild rabbit? What kinda demon beasts were you fighting?”

I can’t answer that. Do you think I could say that I was almost killed fighting wild rabbits?

“Show me your Guild Card.”

Suddenly my Guild Card was snatched away.

“The Guild Card records the beasts and monsters subjugated. Didn’t they explain you that?”

I feel like I have certainly heard that. With subjugation requests, as long you get a kill it’ll be recorded on the Card, so it’s a convenient function since you don’t need to bring back the corpses.

“One, two… 21 wild rabbits? This many in a single day is incredible, but are you kidding me? You almost got killed by wild rabbits?!”

“They were terrifying enemies…”

It was really scary, I thought I was gonna die.


Drevin faced Tilika asking.

“He’s not lying.”

“Buh. Uhyahyahyahyahyahyahyahyahya, hi~”

Drevin is bursting with laughter. Damn, it’s so mortifying I’m starting to cry. Tilika-chan kept looking with a blank expression. Several minutes later Drevin stopped laughing finally.

“Ah, it’s been a while since something made me laugh like that. Gahahahahaha. Ahh, you should properly thank the one who brought you back. And you must come to the Beginner’s training in three days. Objections denied.”

I could only nod silently. That day I returned to the inn and fell asleep crying sorrowfully. The next day, going to the guild I became throughly famous as the man who fought desperately with a wild rabbit and ended in a double KO. I gave my report of the request and immediately returned to the inn to bury myself under the bedsheets sulking. By the way, it seems the one who spread the gossip was the one who carried me. Seems Drevin and Tilika-chan kept that a secret. To my damn life savior… thanks, but I’ll never forgive you.

 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
Days later, I went to thank the person that carried me.

“No, you see, if a monster strong enough to defeat an adventurer had come out, it must be reported, right? That’s why I was just shown your Guild Card. Look, I had to explain the circumstances of your collapse, etc. so I had to tell everything, right? That seemed to have spread. Honestly, I’m sorry.”

The cause of me fainting was Fencing Level 4. Despite having below average Stamina, moving like a top class swordsman exhausted my Stamina in the blink of an eye. It seems the potions didn’t work because I drank them in short succession. Looks like I have to leave at least a 30 minutes interval.

I diligently wrote the log and got a reply.

“It was unexpectedly amusing, so I’ll give you a bonus. Itou.”

The Bonus was a Magic Item called [Ring of Magic Power].


hellowork_vol1_0053eThis chapter’s Character sheet from WN
Yamano Masaru, Human, Magic Swordsman

【Titles】 The man who fought desperately with a wild rabbit

Level 1 → 2
HP 54/27+27
MP 52/52
Strength 7+7
Stamina 7+7
Agility 5
Skill 14
Magic Power 22

Skill Points 11
Fencing Level 4, Physical Enhancement Level 2, Skill Reset, Razgrad World Standard Language
Life Magic, Clock, Fire Magic Level 3

1266 Gold + Wild Rabbit Meat reward (20 Gold each x 15) 300 Gold – 3 Days worth of lodging and food 90 Gold = 1476 Gold
Wild Rabbit Fur x18, Wild Rabbit Meat x3, others omitted..

33 thoughts on “I’m a NEET but when I went to Hello Work I got taken to another world – Chapter 4

    • seems if someone with fencing 1 or 2 were to subjugate rabbits then they wouldn’t be all tired out and they’d still one hit KO the bunnies


      • personally i thought he should have gone for more bodily reinforcement instead of fencing but then maybe god woulda worked a disadvantage into that too. they need a skill that does the same for magic stats.

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  1. Why he’s not upgrading body enhancement is beyond me… It’s already giving him a 100% boost to hp str and stam at level 2 so upgrading to level 4 would probably give him a 200% boost (assuming it’s a linear rate of change)

    Every gamer knows passive stat boosts are far more useful than active skills even if they aren’t nearly as flashy.

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  2. Thank for the chapter .
    MC should feel shame calling himself a NEET , i cant believe he wasted 10 points to magic skill after he said he have low MP .

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  3. Why is this so embarressing. Instead of making up a story of finding to KO some rabbits, all he has to say is he overused his mp. Classic noob mistake and very believable given how many rabbits he killed.


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