I’m a NEET but when I went to Hello Work I got taken to another world – Chapter 3

Volume 1, Chapter 3 – Fight to the death! the beast attacks

Since being released from the interview, I returned to the guild hall and check the requests stuck on the wall. Is it because the interview took a long time? The number of adventurers inside the guild greatly decreased. I wonder if they all left after accepting their requests. There was a request to gather 5 wild rabbit meat, so I took it to the reception desk. My cowardly reason for this one is that it’ll ok even if I fail, since I already got them.

“Rabbits? The wild rabbits are quick and very difficult to catch.” so I was warned by the reception’s middle-aged man.

“But because I’ll face them and cutting them down fast with the sword I’ll finish easily.”
Somehow the middle-aged man has a troubled face.
“Wild Rabbits attack lower rank opponents, right? They frequently attack children and such.”
That is to say I look even lower ranked than a wild rabbit? It’s simple to capture them, so it’s rather easy, but I’ve mixed feelings.

“Please be careful, ok? If you go too far from town goblins, orcs and other monsters would appear. What’s more, you absolutely cannot go at night. Because it’s dangerous.”

The middle-aged man suddenly looked worried.

“I said it’s alright. I’m quite confident in my skill.” Saying so, I shook free from the man and departed. Even if I told the man I have Fencing Level 4 (first class swordsman) and Fire Magic Level 3 (Veteran Mage) he wouldn’t believe me.

Before I leave town there are things I need to do. Still with only a short sword and plain clothes I feel insecure, so if I don’t prepare some equipment. I still have 1856 Gold remaining. I had asked the middle-age man for a weapon and armor store. Frankly they were in the two alleys next to the Adventurer’s Guild. The necessary shops for adventurers are gathered around the guild. It’s convenient. Moreover since they’re very near the Adventurer’s Guild they must trade fairly.
They conduct themselves in a fantastic way without ripping you off just because you’re a beginner or country bumpkin.

Once inside the store it is overflowing with lined up weapons and armor. Looking around restlessly a salesperson approached.

“What are you looking for today sir?”

Despite being another world the customer service is attentive. Shouldn’t this be the kind of store where a blunt dwarf would comes out? There’s a limit to how it doesn’t feel like another world.

“Ermm, I’d want to arrange for a weapon and a complete set of armor.”
“Excuse me, are you perhaps a beginner? If you’re a warrior, let’s see. How about this complete set of leather armor? The set is a very popular one and inexpensive. And if you match it with this shield you’ll be certainly secure in your defense. Ah, looking at waist armor. Umm umm. This one is a pretty good item, eh? If it’s this, it’ll be enough for a main weapon. However it’s safer to carry spare weapons. What do you think about this sword? Do you want to try swinging it for a bit? It feels good, right? Also, how about a bow or a spear? You don’t need? That will be all?”

Just like that I was prepared a complete set to try putting on. The shield was on the smaller side, but it’s the type that can I strap to my arm, so it frees up my left hand. The sword is a thin iron one that even the weak me can swing comfortably. Even the leather armor size was perfect. This salesperson is highly competent! Sword, shield and a complete set of leather equipment was 450 Gold. The price too was reasonable. I was shown armor with a bit more defense, but in general those made of metal are heavy. Also the leather armor if it’s superior quality it’s way over my budget, so this is probably the best choice.

I paid the money, said I’d keep it on and left the store. Next is the food. In a nearby small store I bought up seasonings, preserved foodstuff and fruits and put them in Items without reservations. Because it was heavy I unconsciously threw everything inside the Item Box in front of people, but nobody seemed to mind. When I paid, I took the money out directly from Items like it was normal. I’m sure they could see I was taking it out from empty space, but is it because Item Box is not a particularly uncommon thing? I used 450 Gold in equipment and 150 Gold for Food, 1256 Gold Remained.

I leave the town through the east gate. Since this time I have a Guild Card, I was let through just by showing it. Once out of town I walked off the road somewhere without people.  Before hunting the wild rabbits there are things I still need to do. To practice the Fire Magic I’ve acquired. I was itching to test it as soon as possible, but there’s no way I’d let fire loose inside the town. My MP reached 23. Does it recover fully within a single day? If I don’t economize its usage it’d get bad. First I check the Skill in the Menu.

【Fire Magic Level 3】
① Fire Arrow ② Fire Ball, Fire Lance ③ Fire Wall, Minor Explosion

Based on the number Fire Arrow should be a Level 1 magic. Since I’m holding my sword on the right hand
I hold my left hand forward. I evoke 【Fire Arrow 】 and knew that the magic worked. A mass of fire in a dart-like shape is floating a bit in front of my left hand. I aim at a nearby rock and shoot, it precisely hit it. It had a fairly good speed too. The Fire Arrow consumed 3 MP. 20 MP remaining. I can shoot another 6 Fire Arrows. Probably other spells would consume more, so I must economize their usage. However magic is easy. Without incantation or a difficult process, casting just by thinking it is so simple it is anti-climatic. Do everyone do it this way? Or is it a benefit from the Skill? Anyways if you couldn’t use it unless you trained or something, it would have been problematic, so I’m glad I’m saved the trouble.

After testing magic I walk for ten minutes. I encountered a wild rabbit. And because it came attacking, with the sword it was easily defeated. Yesterday I felt guilty, but since I now know it’s acknowledged they attack low ranked people, they won’t be forgiven. No mercy!

Afterwards the wild rabbits that kept appearing in succession were all slaughtered in a single hit each. Could there be a colony of wild rabbits? When I beat the 10th one I leveled up. I wanted to check my status but I was wary of the rabbits, so I postponed it.

By the time I beat the 11th one, my arms started to feel heavy. When I defeated the 12th & 13th that appeared in succession
I had exhausted my stamina. I can’t lift my arms. My legs are trembling. What is this? It’s as if I just finished running a marathon.

I remembered there are Beginner’s Potions in the Items. However, when I took it out another one appeared. And naturally it came attacking. In a hurry, while trying to drink the potion, my leg received its head-butt. From the impact I drop the potion. Right when I fell to my knees it lunged for a second time. This time it’s aiming for my head. At once I stick out the sword in front of me, and just like that it was firmly pierced and died.

I drop the sword piercing the rabbit and breath heavily. Oh no! I feel like I’ll faint. I pull another potion from Items and drink. I could feel that some of my stamina came back. I looted the items from the rabbit, picked the fallen sword and potion and stood up. Even after drinking a second potion I don’t feel like my stamina recovered. Maybe after swinging my sword 2 or 3 times I’d collapse. Dammit! If I don’t get out of here, more will come. I slowly walk back the way I came. Because I reached here while beating them, if I go back the same route there’s a low probability of them appearing in the same place.

As to not make any noise I slowly advance through the grassland. However, as if realizing they cruelly appeared here. Avoiding the plunge I dodged to a side. Damn, so I must fight? I swung the sword at the rabbit that jumped again and defeated it. I knew that I mostly used up my stamina from that single swing. My feet are staggering. I leave the death rabbit there and drink a Beginner’s Potion. But as expected it didn’t have any effect. Shit, is this some defective product?!

Once again I start walking towards town. Don’t come out! Don’t come out! I prayed, but after a few minutes another one appeared. And it attacked. Somehow I evade. What to do? Most likely I’ll exhaust my remaining stamina with the next swing of the sword. That’s right, magic! I cast [Fire Arrow] and shoot. But, I miss. I shoot another [Fire Arrow]! This time it hits and it is defeated. I frantically head towards the town, but they kept attacking one after another. Finally I could see the town’s gate. However, just when I felt relieved another rabbit appears, I mustered my last remaining MPs, killed it and fell unconscious.

22 thoughts on “I’m a NEET but when I went to Hello Work I got taken to another world – Chapter 3

  1. Hola

    I’ve just found this website

    Thanks for your hard work

    Can you tell me If have a release plan, and If you’ll create a full pdf with the images after finish a volume?

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    • I don’t have a release plan, but the chapters in this LN are relatively short compared to others I’ve read or translated. So, I might be able to do 2 chapters a week.


  2. Last time he got normal equips and got attack 5 times. This time he got 1 level up, fully equipped, more skill, but get attacked pretty much continuously.

    God’s blessing of protection against march’s mad hares?


      • Read the next chapter. The beginner’s potion does recover stamina. That’s why it worked the first time, but it’s explained there’s a cooldown period before you can drink another one or it won’t have any effect.


  3. He just kept going deep into the forest while he kept being assaulted by more and more rabbits?

    He’s not reckless he’s a complete idiot. How did he even plan to return to safety in that situation?


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