I’m a NEET but when I went to Hello Work I got taken to another world

Sinopsis: The NEET Yamano Masaru (23 y/o) went to Hello Work and finds an interesting job offer.  [A swords and sorcery fantasy, test play for Miniature Garden of Razgrad World. Extended period of time, preferred to be able to live on site. Monthly salary of 250,000 + percentage pay.] Immediately goes to the interview and signs a contract.  However, the place of employment is another world. Because of the contract he’s taken there, to survive Masaru received a cheat, but he is told the shocking truth. “This world will be destroyed in 20 years.” Can a simple NEET prevent the destruction of the world?!


Prologue – When I thought of job hunting I ended up in another world
Chapter 1 – Let’s make a serious effort starting tomorrow
Chapter 2 – The magic eye exposes a harem dream
Chapter 3 – Fight to the death! The beast attacks
Chapter 4 – The man who fought desperately with a wild rabbit
Chapter 5 – Beginner’s training
Chapter 6 – Revenge of rabbit – part one
Chapter 7 – Revenge of rabbit – part two
Chapter 8 – A boring day for Yamano Masaru (LN extra chapter, not present in WN)
Chapter 9 – Teach me Miss Angela!
Chapter 10 – Do workers’ accident compensation apply if you die in battle?
Chapter 11 – In a small room with a beautiful blonde who just got out of the bath
Chapter 12 – I want to fly freely in the sky!
Chapter 13 – Ideal vs Reality
Chapter 14 – The price of a huge wild boar is 4,050,000 yen
Chapter 15 – Young men’s foolish stories
Chapter 16 – Even a capable wizard has her own problems
Chapter 17 – People unwittingly raise death flags
Chapter 18 – After you defeat it you’ll get to eat something delicious
Chapter 19 – The Demon Lord and the Hero
Chapter 20 – The cute little priestess’ prayers
Chapter 21 – Dragon subjugation’s reward
Chapter 22 – Sati
Chapter 23 – Not wearing panties
Extra – Sati’s story


VOLUME 2 CONTENTS  (Visit Firebird’s Nest for Volume 2 translations)

Chapter 1 (WN23) – Sati becomes an apprentice adventurer
Chapter 2 (WN24) – Police Officer, this way!
Chapter 3 (WN25) – Let’s make mayonnaise
Chapter 4 (WN26) – Water, Wind, and people that act like they don’t care about each other
Chapter 5 (WN27) – Bootcamp, once again
Chapter 6 (WN28) – Grand Blaze
Chapter 7 (WN29) – The story of the knight and the princess
Chapter 8 (WN30) – On a stormy night
Chapter 9 (WN31) – Which erotic game is that?
Chapter 10 (WN32) – An exceedingly idiotic fight between men
Chapter 11 (WN33) – First Kiss
Chapter 12 (WN34) – Don’t misunderstand
Chapter 13 (WN35) – Sati development plan
Chapter 14 (WN36) – Templar Knight Order
Chapter 15 (WN37) – Battle at the horse pasture
Chapter 16 (WN38) – Story of the Hero and peaceful life
Chapter 17 (WN39)  – The big does or doesn’t contain the small
Chapter 18 (WN40) – To the forest
Chapter 19 (WN41) – Peaceful days
Chapter 20 (WN42) – Apostle of the Gods
Chapter 21 (WN43) – Fortress Golbus in danger
Idle talk – The observation records of a certain veteran adventurer




Chapter 1 (WN44) – The End’s Daybreak
Chapter 2 (WN45) – Mysterious Masked Priest
Chapter 3 (WN46) – Pantheon
Chapter 4 (WN47) – Masaru’s Battleground
Chapter 5 (WN48) – Sati Development Plan part 2
Chapter 6 (WN49) – Incantation
Chapter 7 (WN50) – Night Attack
Chapter 8 (WN51) – Defensive Battle
Chapter 9 (WN52) – Elizabeth and the Magic Power Ring
Chapter 10 (WN53) – Persuasion
Chapter 11 (WN54) – Duel
Chapter 12 (WN55) – Revelation
Chapter 13 (WN56) – Prelude to Destruction
Chapter 14 (WN57) – Tilika’s wish is…
Chapter 15 (WN58) – Liberation
Chapter 16 (WN59) – Priest-sama & Angela, Tilika’s mentor, Elizabeth’s circumstances.
Chapter 17 (LN Extra Chapter) –  結婚

(WN+number) is the original Web Novel numbering.
Titles of chapters yet to be translated are temporary and might change depending on its context when done.

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