I’m a NEET but when I went to Hello Work I got taken to another world – Volume 1 Chapter 14

Volume 1 Chapter 14 – The price of a huge wild boar is 4,050,000 yen

The next morning, I was sleeping and that’s no good. For the purpose of tomorrow’s departure of the investigation team, there are many preparations. First, I head to the trade guild to sell the huge wild boar.

When I said I wanted to sell a huge wild boar I was let into a private room. I take out the boar from Items.

“Ohhhhh, this is!”
“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a splendid one.”
“This one has little damage. Can get a nice skin from it.”
“It’s regrettable that one of the tusk is broken.” “We’ll subtract the head that’s been blown off. The brains are delicious…”
The three persons were checking the condition of the boar.

“Excuse me, I’d want a bit of the meat for my own use. I’ll be selling the rest.”
“Certainly. After dissecting it’ll go to inspection, so please wait for a little while.”
“Is it okay if I observe?”

I haven’t seen how it’s dissected, I had wanted to observe at least once.

“Of course you can.”

The huge wild boar is laid sideways and the belly cut open. The internal organs are taken out. It takes several people to skin it. The big men putting strength, they keep going while getting their whole body covered in blood. Watching the actual process I understood how much of a cheat it is to store in Items as is.

It took 30 minutes for the whole process to be finished. I got the meat from the shoulder portion and the bone & meat from the hind leg. The shoulder is approximately 20 kg, the leg has maybe 50 kg? Even so it’s just one portion.

It’s said the liver is tasty, so I tried it raw. With a sprinkle of salt. Delicious! Given that I was pleased with it, I got half. If I put it in Items it’ll be kept fresh, let’s be careful how much I eat.

I received a bit of the skin. It’s the portion that got scorched by the Fire Lance. If it’s made into a mantle it’ll be warm and it appears this fur will defend from magic too. Because it’ll take time to be tanned, I have it delivered another day.

The size of the skin and the weight of the meat is measured and the amount of money is assessed. Because I don’t know the market price, I simply sign and receive the money. It turned out to be 40,500 Gold. It is 4,050,000 in Japanese Yen.

The breakdown is: Meat approximately 1500 kg at 150 yen wholesale price per 100 grams, incidentally the selling price is around 300 yen. That’s 2,250,000 Yen. The skin is also a high-class item, even the cut out scorched portion could fetch 100,000 yen; the usable portion of that, its tusk, bones, fat, etc are 1,800,000 in total. The total sum is 4.05 million yen.

It’s a considerable revenue, although normally these kind of spoils are not something attainable solo. If 5 people do it, it is 810,000 yen. I wonder when it comes to wounded or dead people if they would receive the proper remuneration.

Anyways, I suddenly became rich. Confirming my money, I have 42109 Gold. If I don’t live luxuriously I reckon it can support me for 1400 days getting by each day with 30 Gold. I can shut myself indoors for close to 4 years, hooray!

Next is shopping. I’m flush with money, that being the case let’s buy some nice equipment. I head to the usual store in the two alleys besides the Guild. And the usual salesperson comes to greet me.

“Oh my! Welcome Masaru-sama. What are you looking for today?”

I bought my bow and throwing knives here and I’ve come here several times for window shopping, so I’m pretty much a regular customer.

“I want to update my sword and armor. I got a bit of extra casual income, eh.”
“My goodness. Then, how about this broadsword?” saying that he hands me over the sword.

Previously I was allowed to hold it, it was heavy and I couldn’t handle it, but now I can swing it with one hand. The sword blade is close to 1 meter long. It seemed to have a nice width and good sharpness.

“Not too bad. How much is it?”
“It cost 1500 Gold.”

So 150,000 yen? It’s pretty cheap.
Well, if I look at the goods until now, even if I said I stumbled upon some casual income, seems I’m only shown stuff like this.

“I want to see something better.”
“How about this over here?”

I’m handed over a sword roughly the same size. The blade is shiny black and really beautiful.

“It’s made out of darksteel, its price is 5000 Gold.”

500,000? It has a reasonable price. I try to swing it swiftly. It’s quite heavier compared the previous one, but it fits comfortably in my hand. This one is good. I feel like now I can be a match for a huge wild boar.

“It’s really good. I’ll take this one. Next, please show me the armors.”
“How about his one?” saying so he shows me one made out of metal.

The salesperson helps me trying it on, but it makes a clattering sound when I walk.

“There’s no problem with the weight, however this noisy is no good.”
“Then how about this one? It’s made from two troll hides pasted together, so there’s no shortcomings with its defense.”

I’m handed a dark red armor. Because it’s two hides pasted together, it’s a little bit heavy, but not as heavy as one made out of metal.

For the purpose of testing there’s a troll hide target, against something like a throwing knife the blade doesn’t go through it. It seems fairly sturdy.

I was shown several others, but I decided on this one. There isn’t one in the right size. If it’s hide some degree of adjustment is possible, but for other things the size adjustments would take a few days.

I chose a plain helmet with the defense under serious consideration. The shield is replaced by one of the same size but higher defense. Taking the opportunity I procure a spear too. Since I have the skill too.

The total sum is 9500 Gold. There’s money, so it would be better if I bought better stuff, but by nature I tend to be frugal. I lived a long time as a NEET after all.

I put everything on and get it adjusted. Given the darksteel broadsword has become a hindrance on my waist, I carry it on my back. I left the short sword on my waist as it is. I got a little heavier, but there doesn’t seem to be any problem with my movement. I settle the bill and put all the shopping into Items. I normally only have the sword on my waist and wear plain clothes. Wearing armor, I only do it when I go outside.

Next I went around several store to do some shopping. [Camping Set] is a sleeping bag and a tent. Tableware, pot, cup and a canteen, nothing but the minimum is included. I think there should be other necessary things that need to be gathered. Blanket, rain gear (Something like a leather poncho) and several change of clothes. I must procure  some cookware, fry pan, a bigger pot, etc. Moreover food too. I buy meat, vegetables, fruits, dry pasta, seasonings, bread, takeout lunch boxes, etc. and like that stow them in Items. They are perfectly preserved, there are lunch boxes that are steaming hot just like when they were bought. Storing in Items is too convenient.

I gathered all necessary things and it was still morning, but went to the adventurer’s guild.

The goods were all arranged. There are several barrels of water and stacks of foodstuff.
“Apart from the food, do you need this much water? It can be created with magic.”
“It won’t fit in the Item Box?”

Today Drevin was alone. It’s a pity not being able to see Tilika-chan.

“No, there’s space to spare, but…”
“Because we don’t know what could happen. Since one must be prepared to preserve Magic Power, if at all possible I want to bring them.”

I put the water and foodstuff in Items. I can fit 100 kinds of things and up to 99 pieces of each in Items. Size doesn’t matter, the same kind are stacked together. Tough water barrels x 5 are 1 article, a picked up small stone is treated as 1, but for example if it’s put in a box; because the food packed in a wooden box x 10 is treated as 1 article, there’s no problem when storing them. Currently, since I’m using not even half of it, there’s plenty of room.
“Oh, did everything fit? I was just thinking of carrying on our shoulders if it didn’t work!”
“There’s still more space.”

Actually, the food and water have only taken two slots.

“Gahahaha, you’re so reliable! Well then, do your best tomorrow! Make sure not get separated from instructor Vogt inside the forest. You’ll be safe if you follow him!”

My shoulder was slapped repeatedly and saying that, the baldy ended up leaving somewhere.

I leave the guild.

Today, I wasn’t called by anyone inside the guild. I thought it was because I changed my equipment, but my Stealth had risen to level 3. In any event, is it because I have it always turned on? Of course when I’m walking outside but also when I’m eating at the dining hall it is always activated. Since I could be involved with some drunkard if I’m not careful during dinnertime, it’s indispensable.

I walk carefully on the side of the road. I don’t use Ninja Walk inside the city. I walk calmly on the side of the road but not too close to the edge. Someone using Ninja Walk inside the city and choosing to walk sneakily on the side of the road would be a weird person. Normally, I have knack to melt into the background looking like an ordinary person.

Hard to believe that uproar from yesterday, the medical center was like any other day. Sneaking a look at the orphanage, the nun was giving lessons to the children in the dining hall. Come to think of it, was Angela in charge at the medical center in the mornings? She must be alternating with the nun. The nun is writing letters with chalk on the blackboard. The children are quietly listening to class. As to not get in the way I stealthily move away, I enter the medical center through the back.

Found Angela who was just taking a break.

“What a relief, you seem to be fine, eh?”
“I feel refreshed after sleeping the whole night.”
“I see. Yesterday you looked terrible, you know?”
“The huge wild boar from before, I brought its meat. I came hare because they were in a class at the orphanage.”
“Since it’s almost time to start preparing for lunch, please wait a little while, ok?”
“Then, should I help here?”
“That would be welcome.”

I follow Angela into the treatment room and the Priest was alone giving medical treatment.

“Looks like Masaru came to help. You can leave now Priest-sama.”
“Is that right? Well, I’ll take on your word. Then, I’ll entrust it to Masaru-dono.”
“Leave it to me.”
“You call him priest-sama, but is he really such an important person?”
“Yeah. He’s the director here. He’s the person in the highest position.”

While chatting the next patient entered. Because it was a minor injury, the medical treatment was completed with a single Heal.

“Will it be alright because I hid my face yesterday?”
“It’s okay, it’s okay. It was explained that it was a traveling priest in training.”

It’s somewhat irresponsible. Is that thing alright? The next patient was carried inside in a stretcher. Looks like a slipped disk. This too was finished with a Heal.

“Don’t move too much for the next 2 to 3 days. Get well soon.”
“Is there no one that could dare say something like ‘Give it for free today too’?”
“There’s no such people that could pick a quarrel with the temple. The priest and the former temple knight are really strong anyways.”
“He looks no different than an ordinary grandpa.”
“That’s because he’s been retire for a long time. I heard from Sister Matilda, but it seems in the past he was extremely frightening.”

Matilda is that nun? It’s the first time I heard her name. The next patient is entering. A kid? Is he sick? Uh-huh, he’s groaning. I cast [Heal] and [Cure Disease]. Seems like he’s a little bit relieved, but he’s still in pain. I recall what happened yesterday and unpleasantly start to sweat. Once more, [Heal]  and [Cure Disease]. This time it appears to be okay. The child’s breath has calmed down.

“Your skill is good, eh? One couldn’t think you just learned healing magic 2, 3 days ago.”
“Because I have a good teacher.”
“Not at all, since you learned it in no more than 2 days. Aren’t your skills almost on par with mine? We really want you to at least work exclusively with us.”
“If I’m attached here will An-chan follow me?”
“Wha, T-that’s a joke said by Matilda! Don’t believe that. Don’t call me An-chan.”
“I’m sorry. Teacher Angela.”

The mood felt so Riajuu-like that I said that spontaneously, but there’s no way I’d hook with up with such a beauty! [TL Note: Riajuu (リアじゅう) A person who is satisfied with his or her real (offline) life, as in having a boy/girlfriend and a fulfilling work]

“Isn’t there anyone you are going out with Masaru?”
“Hahaha. I’m not really boasting, but I’ve never been popular.”
“Is that so? You have good skills with magic, and I believe you aren’t bad looking though…”

When I was living in Japan I wasn’t able to use magic after all. No, leaving that aside, I’m not bad looking? Hmm. But I feel doubtful about that evaluation.

“You’re popular if you can use magic?”

That’s right. It’s magic more than looks.

Although I became popular with the other bastard adventurers, but is this perhaps being popular with the women?!

“That’s popular. Masaru probably especially learned healing magic? For future security.”

Future… But while being a healer it’ll troublesome with the destruction after 20 years pass. Itoushin recommended that I don’t shut myself indoors in the city.

I think while treating the next patient.

What could be the destruction of the world?

Would demons or the Demon Lord come to attack?

The fall of a huge meteor? [TL: Summon the lifestream!]

The spread of an infectious disease? [TL: Zombiepocalypse!]

In any case I don’t think I could make any difference with my strength. I have a feeling Itoushin slightly alluded that I’ll save the world, but I can’t make conclusions since there isn’t any concrete information.

Besides, looking at the state of affairs of the people I’ve been in contact with until now, I’m not feeling at all that at any time it’ll be destroyed. Is the destruction of the world even close? I’m not hearing anything about it.

Well, there’s still 20 years time, so it’s a talk for later, there’s plenty of time to spare. There’s no need to hurry. It’s better to slowly work out the countermeasures.

In the meantime I’ve to focus on what’s right in front.

I must raise my level and get more skills to become stronger. Something as an epic story about saving the world is not realistic, however almost getting killed by wild rabbits or a huge wild boar don’t make good stories either.

Again the next patient entered. This time is a granny? She somewhat explains how bad her condition is to Angela-chan, but she appears relatively healthy, so I tell her I’d start using Healing Magic and cast [Heal (small)] after which she left satisfied.

“They say that’s the last one. I’ll go after tidying up, could you go ahead to the orphanage first? Have lunch there as a thanks for helping us.”

Going to the orphanage the children came to follow me about. Pushing my way through them I head where sister Matilda is. The sister was giving directions to several older children to prepare the food. 40 people’s share. Looks so hard.

“Ah, welcome Masaru-chan. If you’re looking for An-chan, she’s in the medical center?”
“Good afternoon, sister Matilda. Just a moment ago I was helping Angela. Since it was finished I came here first. Angela would come here too after finishing tidying up.”
“Oh dear! I feel really sorry. It’s a little noisy but make yourself at home.”

They’re not noisy at all. The children as soon as they talk with the sister, they move away as not get in the way. They’re too well trained.

“And about the huge wild boar I caught before, because it has been dissected I’ve brought a share of the meat.”

With a ‘bam’ I placed a wooden box with the boar’s meat on the desk.

“Oh my! that’s wonderful. The children will be delighted. Hey, you all. Say your thanks to onii-chan.”

The children gather around me.

“Thank you, onii-chan!”

Does it seem they have practiced that too? Same as last time they all say it in sync.

“Could you put it in the refrigerator? Is it alright? Can you carry it?”

Several children gather and clamorously they carry it.

“They are good children. They are very polite.”
“That’s right. Aren’t they all cute?”

While talking about that, Angela-chan arrived.

“Just now, you know? Masaru-chan. He gave us a piece of meat this big!”

‘This big’ the sister spread both her arms.

“No, no. But it’s not really that big.”
“Oh? I wanted to see it. It’s already in the refrigerator?”

Saying so, she went there.

While watching, steadily the food preparation is put in order. Furthermore it seems the number of children have increased.

Angela-chan came back.

“Thank you, Masaru. With that much it’ll last a few days. Sister Matilda. Taking the opportunity I replenished the ice. Thanks to Masaru I had Magic Power to spare.”
“That’s right. From tomorrow I’ll be gone from town for 5 days. I’ll go to the forest at the request of the guild.”
“Eh?. The forest is dangerous. Will Masaru-chan be alright?”
“A party of around 20 people has been assembled. The commanding officer is the former A Rank, instructor Vogt; seems B class guys are gonna participate too. I’m just carrying the baggage, they said it’s okay for me to follow at the rear.”

“Still, be careful. That forest is the dwelling of monsters after all. Make sure not to get separated from the strong guys, ok?”

Why everyone tells me to stick to the strong guys?

“Angela, you’ve seen my magic, haven’t you?”
“I know you’re skilled with magic, but I’m worried because Masaru doesn’t really look strong…”

That is, because compared to the fellow adventurers at the guild I appear feeble.

“Instructor Vogt said it’s an inspection tour of the forest with escorts attached. I’m sure there won’t be any danger.”

Lunch is ready. Angela and the priest-sama. Sister Matilda and other priest who was with her. Moreover, around 40 children. The not so small dining hall is filled. With the exception of the priest-sama who sat at the head of the table the rest sat scattered around. I was told I’m free to sit anywhere, so I choose an appropriate seat and Angela-chan ended up seating away from me. The menu are modest things like soup and bread. The children when properly accompanied they were silent all the time. Priest-sama raises his hands.

“Today too, let us mainly express our gratitude for being accompanied all together like this and having this modest meal. And sitting over there is our friend, Yamano Masaru who said will be going to the forest tomorrow. Everyone, let’s pray for his safety.”

Saying that he closes his eyes. Looking around everyone appears to be doing the same. They finish the prayers in a few seconds.

“Well then, let’s eat.”
“Let’s eat.”

The food was pretty ordinary. Because there were small children it wasn’t completely quiet, but everyone was well behaved while eating. The soup that had plenty of meat and vegetables was delicious. Because the bread was reasonably sized I was short of stuffing myself.

When the lunch is finished, Angela is in charge of the children. Sister Matilda and the others go to the medical center and priest-sama ended up going somewhere too.

Finishing tidying up I got some tea together with Angela.

“After this, if you have time I’d want you to show me water magic.”
“Is it okay with just showing?”
“Yeah, a simple one is useful.” and so she showed how with magic, water is made in the empty cup.
“Before I go into the forest I want to increase the number of magic I can use in advance.”

We go out to the garden. The children cheerfully follow us outside.

I take out from Items and put on a shield. The children take refuge some distance away and watch.

“What I’ll show you now is an attack magic called Water Ball, ok?”

Saying so a mass of water is made in front of her hand and shot towards me. Bang. Quite a shock was sent to my arm.

“Right now I held back on the force and size, but it got quite the power, doesn’t it? If the user does it seriously I’ve heard it can smash a big tree.”

Does it feel like a Fire Arrow but with water? I gather Magic Power. Water takes form, I face towards a wall where there was nobody and shoot.

The water before it hit the wall ended up scattering…

“No, no. You have to pack the water more tightly. But that should be roughly the impression of how to use it.”

I gather Magic Power. I pack the water more tightly. This time it perfectly flew up to the wall, however it only produced a splashing sound. It wouldn’t even knock down a kitten.

“Uh-huh. Isn’t that promising? If it’s like that, you’ll soon be able to use successfully. Then, here comes the next one. This time is Water Whip.”

Saying that, from the bucket drawn from the well, water is sucked to her palm and like a whip she swings it swishing through the air. And she strikes the ground.

“It’s okay even if there’s no water, but if you instead use present water it’ll be easier on your Magic Power. If there’s water that can be used, you’ll be able to fight considerably better with Water Magic.”

Once more water is drawn from the well for testing. Water is lifted up with Magic Power and shaped into a whip-like appearance…  Ah, it’s torn to pieces. I do it once more. This time it wasn’t torn apart but I couldn’t swing it well.

“Not too bad for your first time. Last one, it’s magic to create ice, ok?”

Said that, water is drawn from the bucket, made into ice and shot this way. With a clashing sound it shatters colliding with my shield.

“Because learning to make ice might take a bit of time, It’s better you first stick to learning Water Wall.”

Could it possibly mean Ice is around level 2? As a test I tried freezing the water in the bucket, but as expected it didn’t work.

“Thank you, teacher Angela. I was able to learn a lot.”
“Yup, well I think if it’s Masaru, you’ll soon be able to use it just like me. Then, since I have work to do, take care.”
“Yeah, I’ll show up again after I return. Look forward to some presents.”

Hearing presents, Angela smiled cheerfully and waved her hand when she entered the orphanage building. As expected, she’s really cute. I’ll do my best just for that smiling face.

“Well then, kids. Tomorrow I’ll be going to the forest to fight, however you mustn’t cause problems for Sister Angela.”
“Bye-bye, onii-chan!” “Please bring souvenirs, ok?” “Meat! Meat!” and so forth the children said waving their hands while I left the orphanage.

That day I didn’t acquire the Water Magic Skill. Does it mean it won’t work unless I properly learn Water Ball?

TL Note: Another chapter where LN adds around 20 more lines of conversation, just after the riajuu reference, compared to the WN.
TL Note 2: I’ve been using Itougami since the Prologue, because it didn’t have a furigana that indicated the spelling of his name in that chapter. Since then I’ve been completely overlooking that from chapter 2 onward a furigana spelling his name as Itoushin was added and I just realized it now. So I’ve changed his name in previous chapters and start using Itoushin from now on.


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