I’m a NEET but when I went to Hello Work I got taken to another world – Volume 1 Chapter 10

Volume 1 Chapter 10 – Do workers’ accident compensation apply if you die in battle?

Before sleeping I remembered the Magic Power ring I received, took it out and put it on. It’s a plain ring with nothing on it. Is it silver or platinum? Still, it is a pretty ring. I didn’t have Analyze thus couldn’t know what its effect was, but putting it on my maximum MP was doubled. As expected from an item I received from God. I went to sleep with the ring on and when I woke up my Magic Power was completely restored. It appears to have a MP+100% and Magic Power recovery up effect. For the first time since coming here I’m just a little bit grateful to Itoushin.

I head to the guild first thing in the morning. Since teacher Angela has to provide medical treatment through the morning, I’ll be going in the afternoon. Because she said I was free to do as I liked during the morning I looked for a request. I entered the guild and went straight to the receptionist guy’s spot. It has come to a point where I usually activate Stealth as to decrease the number of people that call me out. The reception counters are individual booths, so once you enter one they’ll only see one’s back. I report to the guy that I safely got taught healing magic.

“That’s good. Then today is also healing magic? I see, a request you can do just during the morning? Then how about doing the forest investigation that came yesterday. You don’t need to enter the forest, It’s enough just to check the grasslands and forest boundary for dangers. Understood? take care not to enter the forest, ok? If anything comes out, don’t think of fighting it and escape.”

100 Gold just for going for some surveying? That sounds good. I could also hunt while I’m at it. I accept the request and immediately depart. There are a few who noticed and greeted me, but I said I was in a hurry to avoid them and headed outside the city.

Today, the usual gate keeper wasn’t there. Is it his day off? Owing to that without being called Wild Rabbit Wild Rabbit I leave the city through the gate. I use Stealth and Ninja Walk and move to the grasslands while probing for presences. Given that this time there’s a destination, I quicken the pace, but on the way I find a wild rabbit and kill it without fail. I killed 8 rabbits on the way till I arrived to the place where orcs appeared the previous day.

I slowly draw near the forest but there’s nothing in particular. Inside the forest there’s the presence of things like small animals, although I can’t see them. Thinking of completing the investigation and returning I walk along the forest’s boundary. It seems wild rabbits don’t appear close to the forest. I continue for a little while and there was something. I approach slowly. They’re humanoid but small. They’re hard to see from being covered by the grass but seems there are around 10 of them. Are they goblins? They’re approximately 1 meter tall. They look weak compared to orcs but there are many of them. They move in a group. Their corpses can be eaten but are bony and unappetizing, so they won’t become goods for sale. There were subjugation requests for them but I have a hunch they were cheap. [TL: WTF, do they eat anything that moves in this world? Would they even eat long pork?]

Since they just gathered I can wipe them out with an explosion. I fire a [Minor Explosion] towards the group of goblins. The majority of the goblins were blown off, those unharmed were confused and haven’t noticed me. With [Fire Arrow] I bring them down one by one. Despite only around 3 of them are remaining, they don’t look like they’re running away. Are they dumb?

Finally they noticed and swoop down on me but it’s already too late. Without the need to draw the sword I annihilate the rest of them with only Fire Arrows. Just to make sure I go around stabbing them one by one to finish them off. Two of them were still breathing. I’m glad it’s finished.

At these times, if this was a game even small fry would be carrying a small quantity of money, but they weren’t carrying anything. The orcs were wearing rags and carrying a club, but these guys are not even wearing clothes and are barehanded. For the time being I collect the 5 that seems to be in good conditions and still edible. I look at the guild card and the subjugation was for 12 of them.

Taking a break I was thinking of finishing soon and returning to the city when from the forest noisy sounds of rustling and cracking branches were coming closer. It’s farther than the range of Presence Detection. The noise is heading straight here. I quickly get up, move away from the forest then lay down in some bushes and erase my presence.


A ridiculously huge wild boar appeared. Two imposing tusks and black bristles. Is it about as big as a medium size truck? While snorting around it started rummaging the goblin corpses.

“Wow! Starting with their heads it’s munching on them…”

I got used to eating such things like orc meat, but as expected of it, chewing them like that, it is a bit grotesque.

When the huge wild boar started eating the second one, while watching it I slowly backed off. This is the method for retreat.


I stepped on a dead branch. The huge wild boar looks this way. Ahhh, our eyes met. Oh no! The boar charged towards here!

I shoot a Fire Lance at the boar heading here. It hit but it didn’t receive damage, only the fur is burned. I no longer have time to attack with magic. I prepare the sword and frantically dodge. As might be expected of its huge size it seems it can’t change course quickly.

Casting [Minor Explosion] takes time. The huge wild boar slowly changes course and once more charges towards me. Crap, the casting won’t make it in time. I interrupt the casting and dodge the charge, but I couldn’t avoid it and was sent flying. Right away I successfully thrust my sword into the boar’s body, however it got stuck on the boar and ended up dragged away.

Because I was lightly blown away I didn’t receive much damage. I immediately get up, take out a thin iron sword I bought at the weapons store, however such a thin sword won’t amount to anything.

Dammit, what should I do? The casting of powerful magic takes too much time. I can’t defeat it with something of the level of a Fire Lance. Avoiding that charge and continuously damage it with the sword… If only at least I had a magic to stop its movement.

Wait, can stopping its feet work? I cast [Fire Lance]. The huge wild boar faces this way and starts charging. I aim at its leg. I shoot! The Fire Lance hits the boar’s front leg. I destroy its stance and the boar is stopped right in front of me.

Quickly, I make some distance. The boar gets up and heads towards me, however because its leg is wounded it has no more than a walking pace. Again, I shoot a [Fire Lance] at the boar. It takes out the other foreleg and completely ceases its movement.

I cast [Minor Explosion] at ease. Raising grunts and angry screams the boar’s head is hit with the Minor Explosion. Its head is blown off and the boar collapses, I got a level up.

I look at the surroundings and confirm nothing else is coming out, I put the huge wild boar as it was into Items. Hurriedly I get away from the forest and head towards the city.

This time it was really dangerous. I’d have died if I made a single mistake. I wonder if workers’ accident compensation apply if I get hurt or die in battle? Am I really considered a full-time employee or a part timer? Will I get an answer if I ask Itoushin in the log?

That day I wrote down the question in the log and received the answer the next day.

“You’ll be treated as a worker with a 20 years fixed term contract of employment. There’s no security for injuries. You’ll be healed once you return to Japan. In the case you die, an authorized workers’ accident compensation of 60 million yen will be paid to the bereaved family (monthly salary of 250,000 yen x 20 years period). Please, designate the family member/s who will receive it. Itou.”

I designated my mother as the recipient.

26 thoughts on “I’m a NEET but when I went to Hello Work I got taken to another world – Volume 1 Chapter 10

  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    What a great worker mentality, he is out there adventuring, the only thing he thinks about whatever he is insured or not.

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  2. Thanks for the chapter!

    Good thing I just et, otherwise I could have gotten hungry reading this.

    Mm, shish goblab.


  3. I just started reading this series today, and so far I’m finding it hilarious! The whole NEET-worker dynamic is great, and sets it apart from other series like Gun-Ota or Mushoku Tensei.


    • You know, technically you are no longer a neet if out have a job or a worker. Very definition of neet say one is not in education, employment or training.


  4. Paying the full 20 years of salary on death to his mom is actually quite nice of her. 🙂

    I can’t wait for him to go sell that boar. ‘You fit that into your Item Box?!’


  5. This really interesting light novel, and i didn’t expect Sameda Koban as illustrator of this work.
    simply wow…


  6. Itou-kami is a all purpose general- employee friendly insurance agent as well. So don’t worry about your wounds and deaths in a near future….shonen!!!


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