I’m a NEET but when I went to Hello Work I got taken to another world – Volume 1 Chapter 9

Volume 1 Chapter 9 – Teach me Miss Angela!

In this world since the day starts when the sun rises the morning is quite long. I eat breakfast and check the requests at the guild and even though I go hunt until near the forest and return, it isn’t noon yet. That being the case evening comes quickly and until I adjusted I had problems in the mornings. Despite people coming to wake me up, once I fell asleep again I’d miss breakfast at the inn.

“It’s about time you start thinking of forming a party, how about it?”

The receptionist guy asked when I was delivering the wild rabbit meat and receiving the reward money.

“If you go to the forest, it’ll become difficult if you’re solo. Look, like those you were with at the training and there are other people who seems to want to form a party.”

According to what the guy said wizards are a rare job; basically anyone has Magic Power, but it seems ones with a practical amount are very few. If you exhaust all your MP you’ll faint. Recalling from practice, to be frank, someone whose skill amounts to shooting a few Fire Arrows before fainting is useless. Bow and throwing weapons are really successful with the same performance. Consequently, a talented person that can really handle magic from low levels is pretty valuable.

Moreover, Item Box is one kind of spatial magic and extremely convenient, so adventurers, within their own limitations, try to learn it, but seems capacity is a problem. Honestly, I committed a blunder when I hunted wild rabbits. From the number of rabbits, it seems it stood out from just the quantity I could store. I haven’t shown anyone I can use magic, so they haven’t found out my true power, but more than not being know as a wizard, when they only expect me to be a baggage carrier I’m unpleasantly reminded of being bullied during my school life.

“Put some thought into it.”

Besides, adventurers are scary. By appearance. There are jocks. There are army men. It’d be okay if it were with those two I trained together with, but they have a party with other members. Honestly speaking, it’s difficult for me to go out many hours adventuring with people I’m not familiar with. [TL Note: Better than being conned by some fake adventurers you just met, you know whom I’m speaking of. ;)]

“By the way, is there a place where I can get taught healing magic?”

Sooner or later I ought to get healing magic, but at present its priority is low. Also I have few remaining skill points. Because I spent points to acquire other Skill I could use to hunt. If I had anything to gain from it, I wouldn’t have done it this way.

“Heh, in that case it’s at the temple. They’ll teach you if you give a donation. Although it seems acquiring healing magic is difficult, but it’ll alright if it’s you.”

After properly finishing lunch I head towards the temple.

What was called the temple reminded me more of the Parthenon, but if I had to say it, it was close to being a church. A large magnificent building made out of stone with suitable big doors left open. Looking inside the hall there are many 3 meter tall statues placed side by side. Are these their Gods? Gods and Goddesses, there was a variety of them, some holding weapons, some in praying postures. There were some people, doing prayer or doing some work I didn’t know. The face of the huge statue standing at the center felt like it resembled Itoushin. He said he’s a God, so it might be true. While gazing at it a priest greeted me.

“Welcome to the Gods’ temple, adventurer. What is your business?
“Yes, I heard I could be taught healing magic here.”
“Is that so? Then I’ll guide you to the person in charge of it.”

Once we left the temple we headed to the neighboring building. In the lobby there were injured and ill people seated. Is this a hospital? Leaded by the priest we entered the inner part.

“This is sister Angela. Well then, Angela please take over from here.”

Angela sketch

Saying that, the priest left. Sister Angela has long blonde hair giving a little charming impression, with well-featured looks, she’s quite a beautiful woman around maybe 20 years old. Her height is close to mine at 160 cm tall. Dressed in plain white clothes, she’s equipped with a huge chest. She would look good if she’s made to wear a maid uniform. On her head she’s wearing the same round and flat cap as the priest. Perhaps this is the trademark of the staff here?

“I-I’m Yamano Masaru. Pleased to meet you.”

I knew my face turned red from being looked at by the sister. It’s been a long time since I talked to a girl. In the previous world my mother was a clerk at a convenience store, since coming here I’ve only conversed normally with the inn lady and the girl in the beginner’s training. I don’t dislike girls, but I’m not very good with real girls. Suddenly the sister came closer and with a pitapat felt around my body. Her breasts were touching. Her face was also too close!

“E-ermm, W-what…”

Is that enough? She moved apart.

“Your Magic Power is strong, right? What degree of magic can you use?”
“I can use Fire Magic fairly well. Also Cleanup, Light, etc.”

“Please show me your most powerful magic. I want to know your magic’s true power.”

Leaving the room I was guided to the garden.

“The space is enough, but it’ll be loud and leave a hole on the ground. Is it really alright to shoot here?”

The garden seemed pretty wide but the magic Minor Explosion is loud and can leave a small crater. The temple and hospital we on each side of the garden, also on the inner side there was a building and with the exception of the nearby road it was surrounded on three sides. I became a little bit worried and asked.

“It’s alright. Do it with a bang!”

I had 70 MP. This should be enough. I stretched my palm in front then cast [Minor Explosion]. As might be expected from a Level 3 spell, it took a little bit of time for Minor Explosion. Casting completed it was fired towards the center of the garden.
Together with a boom and shock, sand flew towards us. It nicely produced a 1 meter deep hole in the garden. Some people got startled and came to see what happened but Angela sent them away.

“You’re not doing too bad. With this you shouldn’t have problems learning healing magic, eh.”
“Is that so?”

“Having Magic Power means you can achieve a lot of things if you practice. If your Magic Power is high, you’ll be able to learn most magic.”

I’m guided by Angela to another building. Somehow there are a lot of children, they jump at Angela and hug her. I-It’s not like I’m jealous! Like that we talked while going through what seemed like a big dining hall. The children from afar were taking frequent peeks to look at the situation but they weren’t in the way. Seems the discipline is thorough.

“How much Gold do you have now?”

“Ah, around 5000 Gold…”

I unintentionally answered honestly.

“Aren’t you saving quite a nice amount? As you can see, this temple is also managing an orphanage, see? Thanks to donations and the income from the medical center. In other words, if the children have something to eat or not depends on Masaru’s donation.”

So that came? [TL: Yup, the emotional blackmail came. >:) ]

“And I wonder how much would you be donating?”

“1… about a 1000…”

Ahh. I let out a sigh of resignation.

“You see? These days the number the orphans have increased. Hey, please look at the child over there. Recently both her parents were eaten by monsters. Sometimes I’d want to treat them to something delicious, don’t you agree? Maybe instead of those clothes I’d want to make them wear something better?”

Somehow a teary eyed little girl looked this way…


I’m being stared by Angela.

“3500, right?! Well with this much you’ll receive forgiveness. Everyone, today this onii-chan gave us a huge donation, so you’ll get a big treat!”

Suddenly, all around there were cheers of joy. Everyone jumped up with pleasure, then I felt like it was okay. 3500 Gold converts to 350,000 Japanese Yen. It’s a little bit more expensive than driving lessons. Because this is for the purpose of learning magic, I couldn’t say it was too expensive. I take out 3500 Gold from Items and hand them over. Three gold coins and 5 silver coins. A gold coin is 1000 Gold and a silver one is 100 Gold.

“You can use Item Box? You’re quite something.”

There are 3 wild rabbit meats left in the Item Box, so I also give them away while I’m at it. Although they’re called rabbits they’re several times bigger than a normal one in a pet shop. Being about as big as a medium size dog it has a considerable amount of meat. I caught these quite some time ago, but because they were put in the Item Box they didn’t rot, it’s very convenient.

“It’s wild rabbit meat. Please eat it everyone.”
“You’re so thoughtful. Come here. Our dear guest has brought us a present!”

Seems I was upgraded from onii-chan to dear guest. The children are shuffling to come here. More than ten of them. A lot of ’em.

“Look everyone, it’s wild rabbit meat. Say thank you to onii-chan.”
“Onii-chan, thank you!”

They said their thanks in unison. They really have good manners. But looks like dear guest only lasted a short moment. Oh well, either of them is fine by me.

“Hey say, did nii-chan catch these?”
The children gathered around me.
“That’s right.”
“Hey hey, can you defeat a dragon? a dragon!”
“Umm, I haven’t seen a dragon yet. But I’ve beaten some orcs recently.”
“Wow orcs! orcs!”

The children are looking up to me with respect. No, recently almost being killed by wild rabbits and about to die during training I haven’t had anything decent happen, don’t let down your guard!.

“Is nii-chan a swordsman? I want to become an adventurer! Teach me fencing, to use a sword!”
“When you grow up, ok?”
“Bah, stupid face, this nii-chan is a wizard! He just made a loud sound. A hole was left in the garden, because this nii-chan did that.”
“Awesome, a wizard, incredible!”
Hahahahaha, attaboy attaboy! Revere me more, children!
“Ok, ok, it’s almost time for studying. Hey, put this meat in the refrigerator. Use this meat tonight.”
Angela gives instructions to the older children.

“Is there something like a refrigerator?”

I thought it was in the middle-ages but they do have such a modern convenience?

“Uh? Besides healing magic I can use water magic. Because I can make ice myself, you know?”

Ah I see. It’s magic? Although water magic felt like it was so plain, but it also includes ice magic? For summer it really sounds good.

“Alright, let’s teach you healing magic. Have you seen it?”
“No, I haven’t seen it…”

During beginner’s training I received healing magic many times, but honestly I almost don’t remember. At any rate when I received it I was unconscious after all!

“First of all, I wonder what should I show you? Let’s go to the medical center.”

We go through the medical center’s lobby and into an inner room. There, an elderly priest and a nun were taking a tea break.

“Oh? Is he the pupil?”
“Yes. Ah, give me some tea too. hey, sit sit.”

I drink the tea they poured. There were patients waiting in the lobby, but can they can be so at leisure? Is this black tea? it’s really good. I’d have wanted 2 or 3 of sugar though.

“This tea has a bit of Magic Power recovery in it, you know? This way by drinking tea and recovering Magic Power we can keep doing medical treatment.”
“Yeah, that is so, it’s really difficult to manage Magic Power, right? We are in charge during afternoons, but we’re already scraping by.” wryly said the elderly nun.
“The priest that guided you with me is in charge during mornings. It’s difficult without enough helping hands, right?”
“That’s right. Hey, you. Why don’t you help here after you learn magic? It’s better to be safe than to be an adventurer. If you’re so inclined you can come sometimes as a part time job.”
“Hey hey! You aren’t scouting selfishly, are you? After all he’s a pupil I’ve been left in charge.”
“My my, I wonder, An-chan did you end up falling for this guy? Ufufufufu”
“Jeez, that’s enough of it! Look, I brought him to watch healing magic.”

She’s turned bright red. I could clearly see how she turned from white to red, eh! Ouch! I was hit.

“Call me Angela-san or Teacher. You’re my junior!”
“How old are you, An-chan? I’m 23 years old though.”
“Ehhh, no way!… I thought you were around 15-16 years old.”

Usually it’s said that Asians look very young, I have a child-like face and I’m short. But I don’t think I’m 15 years old, you know?

“Still, stop calling me An-chan. I’m 20. At least I prefer you call me Angela.”
“Yes, Miss Angela.”

“Well then, shall we resume the medical treatment?”

We move to a medical treatment room? And call a patient.

“Make sure to watch carefully.”

The man looked sick. The priest checked his state, then used healing magic. After about a minute the guy whose health recovered gave his thanks and left.

“Did you understand?”
“I saw you holding your hand over his head but…”
“Watch the flow of Magic Power. Don’t watch it with your eyes, this way, how do you explain it, you sense it with your heart?”

Ah, this guy isn’t suited to be a teacher. He’s the type of guy that learn things by intuition.

“Yeah well. In that case it’s ok if you concentrate Magic Power into your eyes. Once familiar with it you’ll reach the point where you can faintly sense the flow of Magic Power.” The nun followed with that.

I see. Come to think of it, I have the feeling there was a Skill for sensing Magic Power. The next patient enters. A splint is removed and his arm was dangling. A bone fracture? The patient’s face was blue and was pouring cold sweat. The priest held the arm then used healing magic. After a bit the patient was able to move his own arm. It appears that it was healed.

“It has just healed, so take care not to move it much for the next 2-3 days.”

Hmm, the flow of Magic Power? I don’t understand it well. I’m concentrating Magic Power into my eyes, however it’s unsuccessful. The third one, it seems this time it was the nun’s turn. The bandage on the patient’s leg is removed and the condition of the wound checked. It’s pretty bad. His knee is crushed into a pulp. The nun holds out her hand and the wound slowly disappears, after a while it vanished. Next one seems to be injured too. The arm is completely cut off and blood still coming out.

“Hey! You come here, please. Yes, seat here. Hold out your hand. Concentrate Magic Power. That’s right, that’s good. Concentrate it more. Yes, healing magic. Huh? As expected, it’s no good, is it?”

Hmm, I feel like the concentration of Magic Power went smoothly, but at the end near when healing magic was cast it felt like the Magic Power came loose. Is this a failure…? I check my MP and it indeed did drop.

“It’s obvious. There’s no way one can immediately use it like that.” that’s what Teacher Angela says.

The nun uses healing magic in front of my eyes and the wound quickly disappears. Healing Magic is incredible.

“I feel like I can do it.”
“Okay, it’s fine to end your field trip now, right? Let’s continue over here.”

We left the medical treatment room and moved to another small room, we seated on chairs facing each other. Don’t get nervous for something like being in a private room alone with a pretty girl. Oh well, the medical treatment room is right next door though.

“Now, after this we’ll start to really teach you healing magic, but which do you prefer? taking two weeks slowly or going all out for 2-3 days to learn it?
“Then, I’d choose 2-3 days.”
“Yea. I had expected Masaru to say that. How much Magic Power do you have left?”

I check my MP and I have 42 left. She wouldn’t understand if I said the number, I’m sure.

“The previous Minor Explosion I can do once and also small magic a few more times .”
“That’s enough, ok? Hold out your hand.”

Teacher Angela told me to hold out my hand then I did it without batting an eye. Like a dog holding out its paw.

“Other way around, Palm facing up.”

As told I turn it around. My hand being gripped, I was thinking how good Teacher Angela’s warm hands felt, then I reacted too late to my hand being stabbed with a knife.

“Come on, shut up! I didn’t stab you so deep. If you’re an adventurer you can endure as much.”
“Why so suddenly?!”
“It’s healing magic training. Now I’ll use healing magic. Make sure to watch it.”

Teacher Angela held her hand over and the pain gradually disappeared, the wound vanished.

“How is it? Did you see the flow of Magic Power? I see, still not enough, eh?”

My hand is being tightly held. Damn, this girl is unexpectedly strong?!

“Hey don’t move. You know, if you move and I miss your hand you’ll get unnecessarily hurt?!”
Angela said while holding the knife ready and I stopped resisting. There, I was mercilessly stabbed with the knife. This time I was prepared so I didn’t scream.

“There, there, you did good enduring it, eh? Then, once more I’ll use healing magic. Make sure to watch it.”

Damn it, concentration, concentrate, I have to. I gather all my strength in sensing the concentration of Magic Power.

“Hmm, feels like something was… sensed but not sure.”
I wasn’t lying. It felt like I sensed Magic Power. Maybe.
“Oh well. This time hold out a finger. It’s alright, because this time I’ll just prickle your fingertip just a wee bit. It won’t hurt. It’ll only be the tip.” [TL: Who also thought she was gonna chop off his finger?]

Reluctantly I hold out my finger and the fingertip got prickled a bit.

“This time use healing magic yourself.”

I concentrate Magic Power at my fingertip… Cast healing magic… Not!

“You did invoke the Magic Power, didn’t you? I’ll pour some tea, so keep practicing.”

I tried many times but it was unsuccessful. I wonder what’s wrong? Despite learning magic through Skills being so simple.

I get the tea after Angela came back from getting it.

“You might say it’s impossible in one day unless you’re a genius. It took me half a year, you know?”
“Half a year?!”

“And half a year is rather fast. But after learning healing magic, I was able to start using water magic soon after.”

Despite learning the bow and throwing knife within a day, Magic is so time consuming to learn? Or is my growth speed a cheat?

“To begin with you can use Fire Magic, don’t you? Not being able to see the flow of Magic Power, how did you learn Magic?”
“Ermm, somehow I did?”

I learned it through Skills. I didn’t need to practice or anything.

“And that way you have been doing fine, eh?” she said so astonished.

“How much Magic Power do you have left?”

“Maybe 5 or 6 more times?”

I have 20 MP left, a Healing Magic (failure) consumes 3 MP.

“As expected of an adventurer, you have a precise grasp of your own Magic Power. Show me your finger. Yeah, the wound is closing already. Open your hand.”
“Say, is there a need for the stabbing, teacher? If it’s just a wee bit of the finger tip.”
“No pain no gain. You’re the one who chose the short course. Come on, open you hand obediently. It’s also okay around your wrist? Certainly a lot of blood will come out, won’t it?”

I obediently open my hand. I was mercilessly stabbed with the knife. Shit, it really hurts.

“Concentrate. The mental image is important. Imagine that the wound will heal, that your body will return to its former health without the wound.”

That day, even until I exhausted my Magic Power I wasn’t successful, not even once. I didn’t faint, but I was very languid.

“Here, a present.” when I was leaving I received a small pouch.

“It’s Magic Power recovering tea. Do you drink tea? You can also eat it like that, the effect is higher if you eat it.”

When I tried eating it as a test it tasted really awful. That’s because they’re tea leaves.

TL Note: As you may have noticed during the last few chapters. Masaru uses MP and its numerical values in his monologues, whereas local people not having levels or stats they don’t use the initials MP but its full name ‘Magic Power’ and they make no reference to a numerical value either. Masaru also uses ‘Magic Power’ when talking with the local people too. So it’s not a translation error.

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  1. I am kinda confused, why doesn’t he just use 5 skill points to activate the healing skill like he did with fire in the second chapter? Was that a one-time choice of type of magic?


    • Considering that right now he can’t level up (the stuff he can fight safely isn’t giving him XP), has few Skill Points left and it took him just a single day training to get Bow and Throwing skills for free, he must have thought getting healing magic through training would have been just as fast and easy.

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    • He doesn’t have unlimited amounts of Skill Points, so rather than squandering it by taking the easy way out, saving it and learning what he can manually is best.


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