I’m a NEET but when I went to Hello Work I got taken to another world – Volume 1 Chapter 7

Volume 1 Chapter 7 – Revenge of Rabbit – Second Part

The next day I came to the guild’s training place. I trained under instructor Vogt, I practiced archery and knife throwing technique. At first it was only archery, but the bow made quite some noise. Decreasing the distance if I used throwing knives I could attack almost silently. That’s why I learned both techniques.

“I see, your fight hasn’t ended yet. That’s the spirit.”
“That’s why I’m acquiring anti-rabbit Skills.”
“Heh, what kind of Skill?”
“Instructor, what’s that?” while saying that I point behind the instructor.

The instant he turns his head around, I erase my presence and silently move to his side, aiming the knife at his side to stab. But, on the verge my hand was stopped and I desist.

“I was surprised. That you’d aim for my chest.”
“No, as expected of the instructor. I expected to perfectly take you by surprise, yet you were able to stop me.”
“Did you erase your presence to move silently? That’s a good Skill. Someone average wouldn’t be able to stop it.”
“Yes, with this, this time I’ll annihilate them.”

In the end that whole day I spent practicing throwing knives. I concluded the bow’s compatibility with 【Stealth】 and 【Ninja Walk】 is not good enough. [TL Note: Shinobi-Ashi (忍び足) = Ninja Feet, Stealthy Step or Tiptoeing. Edit: As suggested from comments, I’ve decided to change Shinobi-Ashi to Ninja Walk since it’s a special way of walking for ninjas, described as: “To raise a leg by pulling it up from the ground and silently putting the leg onto the ground from firstly the little toe and finally transmitting the weight from the little toe to the big toe. This was the most basic walk for ninjas.”]
Owing to that, by the time it became dark, my throwing rose to level 2. The newly added Skills were the following:
Archery Level 1, Throwing Technique Level 2, Stealth Level 2, Ninja Walk Level 2 and Presence Detection Level 2.

The remaining 21 Skill Points were all spent. Presence Detection is to search for opponents, Stealth and Ninja Walk for getting closer. Throwing knives to kill. It’s my formula for a magnificent win. [TL: Archery and Throwing were free from practicing, but he spent 5 points to acquire + 2P for level 2 for each of Stealth, Ninja Walk and Presence detection = 15P + 6P = 21 total]

The next day, without delay I go out to the grasslands. I don’t have a request, even without one, as long as there’s demand the raw materials can be sold in the neighboring Trade Guild. Well, since I got 3000 Gold from the wild rabbit reward, in the meantime I don’t need to earn more money yet.

At the gate the usual soldier greeted me.

“Hey, Wild Rabbit, are you going to hunt wild rabbits today? Good luck!”

I received that encouragement. That’s good, but Wild Rabbit has stuck as the nickname they call me by…

I left towards the grasslands, but as expected, because I hunted them yesterday the number of prey around here might have decreased. That’s why today I headed to a different place. I move while using Presence Detection. I detect birds and small rats, but I can’t find wild rabbits. Am I not used to it or is the level too low? I can sense the presence of living creatures and their general direction, but the type or precise location I can’t quite grasp. Even so, I could find the birds and small rats the I couldn’t until yesterday, wild rabbits shouldn’t be a problem.

Walking with Stealth and Ninja Walk I finally saw a prey. It’s a wild rabbit. I take one throwing knife into my hand and slowly get closer. The distance to reliably hit is… here! I throw the knife. Without noticing the knife it died.

Engrossed I hunted till it passed around 2 hours. I already had 30 rabbits. I have a considerable pace. Before I knew it I had come close to the forest. While taking a break I think. Inside the forest there’s bigger prey, there seems to be deers, wild boars and bears. But there danger of monsters appearing is also high.

While thinking what to do, something came out from the forest. I lay on the grassland, erase my presence and monitor the situation. Is that an orc? Its height is low but it got a solid physique. It got a face like a pig. It is wearing tattered cloths and holding a club in his hand. The orc without caution walks this way. Can I kill it? Gradually the orc is getting closer. My throwing knife can’t reach yet, but magic will likely do.

I extend my left hand towards the orc and cast 【Fire Lance】. Evoking the Fire Arrow magic it almost takes no time to be cast, but Fire Ball and Fire Lance take time. A lance of fire appears. The orc notices me, but it’s too late. Fire Lance is cast. It’s considerably faster than fire arrow. Without time to avoid the Fire Lance, it pierces its body and the orc dies. It was a simple thing.

“Way to go. That was pretty easy.”

I thought I’d have some unpleasant feeling from killing a humanoid monster, but that wasn’t the case. I didn’t feel any different from hunting wild rabbits.

When I was collecting the corpse, from the forest several orcs came out. The orcs noticed me, rose their clubs and came attacking. However there’s still some distance and calmly cast 【Fire Lance】. It killed two of the approaching orcs. Two more left. I prepare by drawing the short sword on my waist. “Guoooooooo” the orcs rise a warcry. I got two opponents, but there’s one too many compared to beginner’s training. Their movements compared to the instructor is too slow. The orc that came rushing was fairly frightening, but I avoided with a big margin, cut it with the short sword and it was defeated. Seeing that, the remaining orc escaped. I throw a knife at the orc that showed me its back. I approach the fallen orc with the knife piercing its back and finish it with the sword. And I leveled up.

After collecting the corpses, looking like there were no more orcs, I kept vigilant and on the spot I activate Stealth and check my status.


Text stats from WN
Yamano Masaru, Human, Magic Swordsman

【Titles】 Wild Rabbit Hunter
The man who desperately fought with a wild rabbit.

Level 4
HP 154/77+77
MP 52/112
Strength 25+25
Stamina 26+26
Agility 15
Skill 20
Magic Power 36

Skill Points 10
Fencing Level 4, Physical Enhancement Level 2, Skill Reset, Razgrad World Standard Language
Life Magic, Clock, Fire Magic Level 3
Shield Level 2, Evasion Level 1, Spearmanship Level 1, Hand-to-Hand Combat Level 1, Stamina Recovery Enhancement, Guts
Archery Level 1, Throwing Technique Level 2, Stealth Level 2, Ninja Walk Level 2, Presence Detection Level 2

I’m not sure since there is no comparison point, but compared to early on, I’ve grown considerably. Seems like level and status don’t exist in this world, because when I asked the instructor about HP and Status he just showed a puzzled expression. There are Skills but there are no levels attached. There was an Analyze Skill but people were not covered by it. From experience I have a grasp of my own Stamina and Magic Power.

But I’m still level 4. If this was an RPG one would still be hunting small prey with a wooden stick around the initial town. Thanks to Fencing and Fire Magic, even against orcs, I won’t lose how many they come. After this, to level up, should I go in the forest to fight stronger enemies? While looking at the Skills List, I think about which direction I take my strengthening. The choices are the following three:

Fencing Level 4 → 5, 10 points.
Stealth, Ninja Walk and Presence Detection Level 2 → 3, 3 points x3
Healing Magic, 5 points.

Checking the cost of potions, one burns 100 Gold. I have 7 Beginner’s potions, but thinking about the future I should be getting healing magic. There are means to make potions with production type Skills, but because the tools and equipment cost quite a lot it was dismissed for the time being. Healing Magic, I wonder where I can learn it. Should I ask somebody when I get back? Let’s put on hold the Skill build.

Along they way, I kept killing rabbits while returning to the city. Today the catch was 35 rabbits.

“How did it go today?”

While going through the gate, the usual soldier came to ask.

“35 Rabbits.”
“Phew, as expected of the Wild Rabbit Hunter! We can’t no longer call you Wild Rabbit-kun. Can we call you Wild Rabbit-san from now on?”

No, call me by my name like someone normal, please. When I go through the gate I show my Guild Card, so he should know my name, yet…

“And also I encountered orcs near the forest.” I told to the gate keeping soldier when I showed the Guild Card.
“Heh, so you killed 5 orcs alone? As one would expect of you. Still, the orcs rarely come out to the grasslands. Caution might be required for this. You should report it to the guild, please.”

First I have the wild rabbits and orcs taken care of at the Trade Guild right next to the Adventurer’s one. The orc corpses fetched a nice price. The wild rabbit meat and fur together are 25 Gold each. Orcs are 200 Gold each. The purchased orcs are taken apart and sold to butchers wholesale to be served on the dinner tables of households. It has seen served several times at the inn I’m staying. It was unexpectedly tasty. [TL: Must taste like pork :P]

Subsequently, I go to show the Guild Card to the middle-aged man at the reception. The guy’s place is mostly empty. The standard receptionists are women, on top of that most are beautiful girls and everyone goes to them. The are some male receptionists but they’re handsome too. I’m sure I can find another request. It’s alright for me to look at beautiful girls from a distance, but I’m not very good at striking a conversation.

Showing the Guild Card to the man I talk about the orcs.

“Hmm, then I’ll report it to the assistant guild master. And with this subjugation your guild rank has risen to E. Congratulations!”

I received a reward for the orcs subjugation. 50 Gold for each one. Since orc subjugation requests come out continuously, as long as you have killed them, you can get the reward when your card is checked. Adding to the selling of the orcs, each one is worth 250 Gold. Just today I earned approximately 2000 Gold, I’ve increased the money on hand to around 5000 Gold. The leather armor is tattered from practicing, and I think it’s a good idea to replace it for better equipment soon.

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