I’m a NEET but when I went to Hello Work I got taken to another world – Volume 1 Chapter 6

Volume 1 Chapter 6 – Revenge of Rabbit – First Part [TL: yes, the title was originally spelled that way by the author]

I promised a future reunion with the 5 comrades and went our separate ways. Three were originally based on another city and said they’d return there. Two of them didn’t have a party and invited them, but they said they had stuff to do and abstained. When I left the training place, Drevin was waiting.

“Do you resent me?”
“No, I’m actually thankful. For beating my rotten character into shape .”
“I see. Saying that, I was worried about you, but taking you to the beginner’s training was worth it.”

I have the feeling he was laughing while dragging me off back then, but let’s not mention it since I’m truthfully grateful.

Going to the Guild Hall some people looked at me and laughed. I could hear such things as “Is he the wild rabbit…”. It pierced my heart, but I endured it finding the request I was aiming for.

【Gather 5 wild rabbit meat】

I took the request to the receptionist middle-aged man.

“This one… please.”
“You are going, huh?”
“Yes. This time… I won’t lose.”

I had Skill Points left over, but I won’t use them. If conditions aren’t like last time, it’ll feel like a loss to me. I’ll win if I’m not negligent. That was my thought. To win with the same skills and same equipment as last time. Although the leather armor is slightly tattered. [TL: And he also involuntarily gained new skills due to the training though.]

I leave the city from the east gate. The gate keeping soldiers told me “This time don’t come back if you lose to a wild rabbit.” and I hurriedly left the gate. Dammit, how far did that rumour spread!

Slowly I get closer to their territory. Vigilantly I prepare my sword and move forward. It appeared. And it came attacking. I pull close enough and kill it swinging my sword lightly. Unlike previously I’m not swinging my sword recklessly. I’m relaxed. Without the need to dissect the rabbit I put it in Items. I advance slowly and keep killing them. 10 rabbits, 20 rabbits. My stamina is still perfect. After surpassing 50 rabbits I leveled up hearing a ringing inside my head. Not yet. I can keep going. But at that moment they stopped coming. Did I annihilate them? No way. At an unchanged pace I slowly walk. Found one. There’s a rabbit in front. It noticed me and… ran away. I take the canteen from Items and drink the water.

“I see. I won against them…”

Somehow I think I’m feeling sad. 57 rabbits were hunted. It should be enough. Let’s return to the city. At that time one rabbit entered my field of vision. It didn’t notice me. I erase my presence and monitor it. They’re sensitive to the presence of others. It might be impossible to get near and kill it with the sword. Will it be possible with magic? I cast 【Fire Arrow】. The Fire Arrow shoots towards the rabbit, and it was evaded, like that it ran away.

I search for wild rabbits again. After several minutes, I found one. I carefully shoot a 【Fire Arrow】. But again it was evaded. Shit, can they sense magic? Once more I search for the rabbits wandering in the grasslands. The rabbits that once attacked me in such huge quantities, now that I’m searching for them can’t be found.

Near 30 minutes later, finally I found a rabbit. This time I try a Fire Ball. The basics of Fire Arrow and Fire Ball are the same. I cast 【Fire Ball】. A sphere of fire heads towards the rabbit. Just before being hit, it sensed it and tried to evade, but the Fire Ball hit. Yes!

And without leaving a corpse the wild rabbit disintegrated…

Since Fire Lance and Minor Explosion are higher level than Fire Ball and have more power, I tried Fire Wall. The rabbit was burnt charcoal black. It didn’t even leave a single small piece that could be eaten. There’s no way now. Certainly, I’ve caught 57 rabbits today. However it was such a simple job like mowing grass. The current state of affairs is that I leveled up and the rabbits returned to how they really behave. The real battle is to come. That’s right the fight against them comes after this! Luckily I also have 21 Points. I would acquire a skill effective against them. After going through training, I now know that without consuming skill points one can learn Skills through normal training. It might be good if I try to learn archery.

While thinking that I arrived at the city gates.

“Ohh, it’s the Wild Rabbit-kun. Did you catch any rabbit?”

The soldier was asking with a broad grin. My nickname is Wild Rabbit-kun?

“I’m saying I got 57 rabbits.”

“No way. But you only left for 3, 4 hours, there’s no way you could catch that many!”

I use Items and right in front of the soldier 57 rabbits appear in a big mound. The soldier was amazed and with his jaw dropped. I collect the rabbits again and head towards the guild.

I talk to the reception’s middle-aged man.

“That was fast, eh. Did you finish the request safely?”
“Yes, I caught plenty.”

We move to the counter so the middle-aged man can receive the raw materials and I throw out all the rabbits.

“T-this is incredible! What the heck, how many are there?”

Around us they take notice and get noisy. “The wild rabbit”, “That wild rabbit…”, etc. could be heard but no one laughed.
Fufufufu you’re all surprised, huh?

Someone muttered “Wild Rabbit Hunter”.
“Wild Rabbit Hunter!” “Wild Rabbit Hunter!!” “Wild Rabbit Hunter!!!”

The Guild Hall got excited. At that moment, my title changed to 【Wild Rabbit Hunter】.

I learned later that wild rabbits are a troublesome beast. They’re difficult to hunt at low levels. You can hunt them at higher levels, but high level adventurers don’t actively target them because the reward is low. Speaking of how they do it normally, they use traps. However, using traps can only net you a handful of rabbits in a day. Catching 57 in a single day is quite the feat. The beginner adventurer that came back defeated by wild rabbits, now got his revenge. The adventurers at the guild could honestly only give praise to such exploits.

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  1. All hail the slayer of the wild rabbits! The hare hunter! The lopper of the mini lops! The destroyer of lagomorphs! All hail! Let all fluffy bob-tailed long-eared carriers of cuteness flee in terror at his might!

    My thanks to you.

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  2. Weren’t they horned rabbit, I find it difficult for them to go for the killing blow if they don’t have horns.


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