I’m a NEET but when I went to Hello Work I got taken to another world – Chapter 2

Volume 1, Chapter 2 – The magic eye exposes a harem dream

I take dinner in the dining room on the first floor. The daily special set meal including alcohol is 8 Gold. The set meal was a unknown meat steak, soup with plenty of vegetables and bread. The alcohol was wine. The old couple were busy, so I couldn’t ask what the meat was, but it was quite substantial and delicious. What was said about being cheap and delicious was true.

I return to my room and opening the Menu a 【Quest】 entry was blinking.

【Let’s write a report log!】
Write a journal about what happened and what you thought on that day. If you write on the dedicated notebook it’ll be automatically reported to God. Skill Points reward 10P.

Do you accept the Quest? YES/NO

I selected YES immediately and the notebook and writing implements appeared in the Items field. I took them out and within 10 minutes wrote what happened today and what I learned related to Skills. Partly to practice I tried writing in the local language, but it was practically no different than in Japanese. Once I finished writing and put it all away in Items the Quest display changed and the Skills Points increased by 10.

【Let’s write a report log!】 Cleared!
If possible write a log daily (recommended) God will take a look over the journal. If there’s a request and the like, something good might happen if you write about it!

For a job with a monthly salary of 250,000 this is pretty good. The initial supply of Skill Points was helpful. Now, what should I pick?

Skill Points 11P
Fencing Level 4, Physical Enhancement Level 2, Skill Reset, Razgrad World Standard Language
Life Magic, Clock

I was thinking of choosing Fencing, but the aforementioned MP is there and I’m in another world after all, I want to try magic. Taking a look at magic: Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Healing Magic, etc. were 5 Points; Space, Spirit, Summoning, Dark, Light Magic, etc. were 10 points. The 10 Points magic were something I was attracted to, but the straightforward 5 Points Magic it is. Fire, Water, Earth and Wind, which one group should I try choosing? It looked like Fire Magic has offensive ability, so I promptly selected it. A total of 10 Points were consumed to raise it to level 3. [TL Note: 5P to acquire + 2P for lv. 2 + 3P for Lv. 3 = 10P total]

[Fire Magic Level 3]
① Fire Arrow ② Fire Ball, Fire Lance ③ Fire Wall, Minor Explosion

I verify the acquired magic. As expected it seems I won’t be able to test it inside the room. Given that it became dark, I slip into the bed. Since there there’s nothing to illuminate the room and I’m tire I quickly fell asleep.


 ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄

The next day I head to the Guild after eating breakfast. There were more strong rough guys gathered around the Adventurer’s Guild than yesterday. As much as possible I entered evading eye contact. Here, I’m a tiny bean sprout weighting 50kg and 160cm tall. [TL Note: 110 pounds and 5ft 3 in. for the metric challenged.]
If I get into a quarrel, it’s certain I’ll be knocked in a single punch. Moreover, the swords, spears and equipment are really scary. I’ll die if I offend someone.

Inside there were quite a lot of people, but fortunately they seemed busy and almost nobody was paying attention to me. Anyhow, I managed to reach the reception counter and called a plain looking middle-aged man. There were other free receptionists, but all the tough dudes were with the females, so I talked to the quietest one.

When I told I wanted to become an adventurer it didn’t I’d be made fun of and was treated in a polite manner. Yeah, I was right to choose this middle-age man. There’s an interview so I was guided inside. I remembered that I was sent here immediately following Itoushin’s interview yesterday. Did his face just poke out in my mind?

“The Adventurer’s Guild can issue Identification Papers, but there’s a simple examination to verify if you’re legitimately who you say. What? As long as you aren’t a criminal there’s nothing to worry. Well then, please wait here for a little while.”

Saying that to calm me, the middle-aged man returned to the reception. Before long a bald middle-aged dude with a brutal face, accompanied by a cute girl around middle-school age turned up.

“Welcome to the Adventurer’s Guild, youngster. Your name?”

The baldy asked in a loud voice. Coming in front of me, he was huge and had an overwhelmingly intimidating aura.

“M-Masaru. I’m Yamano Masaru.”
“Masaru? I’m the assistant guild master Drevin. And she’s the 3rd Rank Truth Official Tilika. Now, don’t be so nervous! We’ll only have a little chat, gahahahahaha” [TL Note: It could be Truth or Authenticity/Authentication, I’m going for Truth for now based on what’s happening in this chapter]
“3rd Rank Truth Official?”

Some unknown term came out.

“Umm? You don’t know abut Truth Officials? What countryside did you come from?”
“Ahh, A place called OXOX in Japan.”
“Uhum, it’s somewhere I haven’t heard of. Well, it’s ok.”

That’s ok?!

“A Truth Official is someone who has the Magic Eye that can see through lies. Now we’ll ask you some question so answer truthfully, lad.”
“You can read my mind?!”
“I can’t read your mind. I only know whether you’re telling the truth or not.”

Tilika sketch

The girl finally spoke. Huh, her voice is cute. Looking at her carefully once again, she’s a beauty. That short haircut really suits her. Her body is slim and white skin. I thought she was middle-school age, but might be mistaken and be elementary school age. Her eyes are mismatched red and blue color. Could that be the magic eye?

“Don’t stare too much at her. Tilika is really shy!”
“Ah, I’m sorry.”

I immediately look away. This baldy’s appearance is scary, so it seems I can’t gaze at Tilika as much as I wanted.

“Uh huh. Then questions. Do you have a criminal record? You aren’t a spy for some country, are you? Do you have any grudge against someone? Is there anyone you hate so much you want to kill?”

I can answer that I’ve never committed a crime and I’m no spy, I don’t remember holding a grudge and don’t hate anyone so much as to kill. I take a slight glimpse at Tilika and she’s looking at me with a blank expression on her face. Could that be the magic eye in operation?

“Why did you think of becoming an adventurer?”
“I wanted to earn an income from it and train myself to survive.”
“If so, working normally would be safer, lad!”
“A work where one can get an income comfortably is better, but adventurers net income looked more attractive.”

“That’s right, if there was such a good job, of course I’d want to be referred to, gahahahaha. And after you get your money what are you gonna do?”
“Let’s see, I’d want to buy a house somewhere and relax.”
“Oh that’s the youth for you, that youth. Don’t you have any other desires? What’s the thing you want to do the most? Like becoming a feudal lord or a hero?”
“Ahh, that’s well…”

“Umm, just honestly say it! We’ll know if it’s a lie anyways!”


“That, a harem…”
“Wahahahaha. I see I see. You’re young, lad! Wahahahaha.”

Ah, Tilika-chan is looking this way with scornful eyes. But this is a another world after all, one should have some freedom to do as one pleases.

“Does that exist in this country?”
“Yeah, as long as one is reliable there’s no problem to how many women surround you! Monogamy is something only church priests profess! I too have two wives. Alright, that should be all for the interview. We’ll issue your Identification Papers. The Guild is backing up your ID so don’t go causing problems.”

“Yes. But is that good enough? Like asking more about my background or personal history?”
“Yeah, we are not concerned about your past. We adventurers are full of good-for-nothings. Even if you have a somewhat bad past, there’s no problem as long as you’re not in the wanted list. And as long as you follow the rules, you’re a member of the Adventurer’s Guild!”

Afterward, I received my Guild Card from the middle-aged man at the reception and heard various explanations that took around an hour. Issuing the card cost 100 Gold. Writing my name, drawing blood to be put in the card and the registration was completed. The card only has my name and rank F written. It has a string attached to hang from my neck. The guild rules were full of commonplace things like no fighting with fellow members, to obey the laws and such. Also the request and ranking system. The top rank is S followed by ABCDEF. Of course I started with the lowest rank F. Completing request will raise your rank. Uhum, it’s a pretty common system. Like a template. Finally I was taken one more time to the baldy and Tilika’s place.

“Do you swear to obey the guild’s rules if possible?” Tilika asked.
“Yes, I swear. But is it ok with ‘if possible’?”
“Yea. If swearing absolutely, around half the people will get stuck in the examination! It’s impossible for normal people to perfectly obey all rules! As long as they’re obeyed to a reasonable degree, okay?”
“And also, if you get in trouble don’t try to solve it alone and discuss it with the guild.”
“Understood. You’re all pretty friendly, huh.”
“Leaving the problems to you alone will only get them bigger! Also, lad should take the beginner’s training. The next one is in how many days?”
“It is in three days.” the reception’s middle-age man answered.

Is that like when you get your driver’s license?

“It’s free and it’s a wonderful system where you’ll be trained as an adventurer for one week.”
“One week?!”
“That’s right. Well, one week is better than nothing at all. It’s not compulsory, but if possible take it.”
“I’ll think about it…”

Training seems unnecessary when I can level up from actual combat and receive points. I don’t need to waste my time in something useless, do I?

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  1. Haha now I’m kind of looking forward to him screwing up. Although that might be hard with his skills.
    Thanks for the chapter!


  2. “When I told I wanted to become an adventurer it didn’t I’d be made fun of and was treated in a polite manner”.
    Yeah, something definetly wrong with this sentence. It should be
    “When I told HIM that i wanted to become an adventurer HE DIDN”T MAKE fun of me and treated ME in a polite manner”

    or probably it was something like “It didn’t look like i would be made fun of and i was treated in a polite manner”

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